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Scare Kingdom Scream Park Review 2016 

 Scare Kingdom Scream Park


October 7th 2016 our Terror Attractions team ventured down to Scare Kingdom Scream Park to experience the events eighth year of fright. The event promises brand new slate of fear infused attractions for familes, thrill seekers and adreniline junkies. 

Our team have voted this event/attraction TOP RATED for the past four years and we were eager to see if Scare Kingdom Scream Park could highly impress us again this year...




The Sickness was our first main attraction and may I add, our favourite! This reminded us of the old Bloodbath attraction seen at Scare Kingdom back in 2010. With a clinical theme, our group were on lockdown as an airborne virus was active inside the building. We loved the perfect combination of intense jump scares and theatricals through The Sickness. Shuffling round with our hands over our mouths, we had to find a way out through what seemed like countless patients' rooms. We were split up from our group as we screamed our way out of the enclosed, gritty corridors reminiscent of American Horror Story Asylum. Unsightly characters had us on edge as they blocked our paths and it was difficult to judge which way to go, leading us to become panicked and confused until we raced out of the exit.



Manormortis is again one of our favourite attractions at Scare Kingdom and always has been. Hauntingly beautiful, this huge gothic mansion is themed to perfection, allowing you to be plucked out of this world and completely immersing you into a real life ghost story.  It's story line has depth and meaning which are carried through by the captivating characters and enchanting rooms. It is the longest attraction at Scare Kingdom as you walk through the endless rooms and corridors, the clever design of the building making some good jump scares and mesmerising scenes. We absolutely love experiencing Manormortis every year and it always exceeds our expectation.




Mortana Gaunt greets us in The House of Gaunt as we arrive to view her world-famous collection of puppets.  This short attraction is very tight, enclosed and dark. Only emitting light from her creepy puppet exhibition cases. This attraction relied a lot on your own expectation of what was going to happen.  Are they alive? If so, which ones? Did that just move? You could clearly see the fake dummy's from the real ones because of their size, but that didn't stop us from getting scared a couple of times. Not the most terrifying of attractions but certainly still worth experiencing.


Last year Hell was one of our Top Rated award winning attractions, and in its place this year is 666 Brimstone Place. It's an eerie place of satanic worship and cult rituals with a combination of theatricals and impact scares. The soundtrack really adds to the tension throughout and along with the quick pace of the attraction it really gets the blood pumping and the heart racing.  We loved the finale last year to Hell, we were hoping for a little more intensity from the overall attraction, maybe the intensity was already there but we didn't quite feel it like we did with Hell last year.  



Obviously we can't go catching anything, so we need to wear hoods on our heads in this attraction, where you journey through the plague ridden streets of London. Holding nothing but a rope and the person in front of you for guidance, you make your way through the attraction as plague victims cough, splutter and get a little too close to you. We enjoyed the attraction all in all and thought that it was a great concept but that it lacked something especially at the end. We would like to see Scare Kingdom build on this next year, it has way more potential and would be even better if there was a gradual rise in energy and pace which led to a big impact scare or a finale. 



'Why am I doing this?' 

'Why do I put myself through this?'

'I need to start making some serious life choices!'

'What the hell am I doing?'

All thoughts on my mind when in line for Snuffhouse, the EXTREME attraction at Scare Kingdom. Well if you saw the video on our facebook page you would have seen the absolute fear on my face when the Tormentor called my name from inside Snuffhouse, before I went through.  I was truly terrified to go through alone, especially after signing the disclaimer. Plus I've heard so much hype and rumours about it, I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen.

If you have ever experienced Psychomanteum then you'll know that Scare Kingdom can produce repulsive extreme attractions. It's fair to say that Snuffhouse is completely different from Psychomanteum, but even more severe and 10 times more real and extreme. It literally pushes you to your limits. I vomited on the floor- that's how extreme it is. I have never been so close to saying a safe word ever, and the only reason I didn't say it was because I felt a duty not to so that I could write this review. I am under oath not to tell you what happens inside, but honestly this is the most extreme attraction that I have ever experienced which made me feel disgusting. 
At the same time, when I recovered myself, I really enjoyed it. I sound like a freak, but I'm glad I did it and that I survived Snuffhouse. It is terrifying but riveting. In the end I felt like an escaped lab rat.

I'd been through complete torment but I survived.


Overall the event was a great night out and all of our party agreed that The Sickness was our favorite attraction we experienced. We loved the interaction from the new farm character 'Douglas Bury' who provided great comedy interation with the groups between each attraction.

 The event caters for all and we are sure you will have a great night. 

For tickets visit www.scarekingdom.com    

Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Longsight Road

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