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York Maze Hallowscream Review 2016

york maze hallowscream


This was my first visit to Hallowscream at York Maze and as such, I didn’t really know what to fully expect. It goes without saying that I wasn’t disappointed! Even in the queue outside, the atmosphere and themeing  was quite special, even more so when one of the evenings roaming actors came out to liven things up! 


Once inside the event it was really quite amusing to just sit with a coffee and take in the surroundings. We were just sitting there, quietly talking about what to expect, when a couple of teenage girls came screaming through the seating area, quickly followed by a chainsaw wielding clown. (Good old Corney the Clown!) it was amzing that no one even battered an eyelid, It was really amusing, probably not so much for the girls being chased, but then that’s why we were all there...

Onto the actual scare attractions themselves and we have a rather mixed bag to be honest, from spookily fun to gripping. I’ll list them in the order that I experienced them.


1873 Dare to go Back  – This attraction was quite unconventional. Beginning with a tardis, you set off on a journey back in time to the past. You make your way through creepy streets which have a few great jump scares. Some of the sets were lacking in scares, but I guess I was in "Dungeon" mode, expecting a small script or something to ramp up the pace.  The sets are of high quality and included some great scenes to start the evening.


Reincornation – This one isn’t for people with a fear of clowns as it’s full of them, and with the current clown craze hitting the UK it had our party on edge and it's a wonder that I came out of this in one piece. Like “Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory” there are corridors that get smaller, a lopsided room (which had me laughing out loud as I couldn’t get off the wall once I’d fallen onto it!) and a couple of genuine mazes in there too.  It was a real blast to go through and worth going to Hallowscream just for this attraction alone. This was without doubt my favorite of the 5 attractions on offer! 


Barnaggedon – This is quite claustrophobic as there are some very low spaces, loud noises and scenes that get your heart racing.  It starts with a toilet scene and I must point out that you WILL get wet along the way. I  don't want to give too much away as this attraction is rather gripping with plenty of scary scenes.


The Flesh Pot – This is what I’d consider to be a “real” scare attraction. Dark, close and very gory, this was easily the scariest of the five attraction on offer. This one also has various smells as you go around too, from bacon (good) and some smells not so good, it’s an extra dimension that I don’t think is used enough in a scare attraction. One thing of note is that this one suffered a power failure when we were about half way around and we almost made it to the end before someone helped us out. Oddly, we also managed to lose our group despite following them very closely. I literally ended up in a dead end! We were able to go through again though and managed to experience the whole attraction as was intended. Great fun! 


The Difference Engine – This was the one I was looking forward to the most as it looks so much different to all the others. It’s brightly lit and black and white, but apart from the big squeeze cushion, which is always a great laugh, it was quite slow paced which was a little disappointing. My favorite part was the last scene which involved a smoke filled area. Now that was suspenseful!


All in all Hallowscream at York Maze is an event definitely  worth going to! It was an excellent night out and one that I’ll be making sure is on my calendar next year!


Highly recommended for Halloween 2016


Total Terror Attractions rating  4/5


Review by Robert Pickerall 

Hallowscream Official Website 

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