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Pasaje del Terrror Review 2016 

The Pasaje del Terror has always had a special place in our hearts, being one of the first terror attractions to open back in 1998. It's a popular choice for many scare fans and with it being located just outside the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it's an ideal location for a haunt. 


As some of our readers my know, our 2015 review of PDT was pretty piss poor - We don't like giving bad reviews but we felt that the show lacked energy in terms of performance, quality and theming. We felt that we had seen it all before and the show needed a revamp.  We are pleased to say that our experience this year was a complete turnaround....


As we approached the entrance we noticed some nice little touches had been made, a new eye catching logo and the usual TV's screening past victims running out screaming for their lives. So far we were impressed with the exterior and now we were all genuinely eager to experience the attraction again.   

 We only had to wait 15 minutes which wasn't too bad considering it was a fairly busy day on the Pleasure Beach. I had a gut feeling that the PDT would have upped their game and I was genuinely beginning to feel very anxious about entering the creepy looking building, then an actor beckoned our group to enter...


 On we went, down the spiral stairs which felt much darker than our last visit, the music fitted the scene well as we enetered the first set. The first scene was a fantastic start, the dark altar scene had us all tense with fright as the actor delivered a shivering introduction to our journey. The set design looked very impressive but it would have been nice to have a bit more script content. That being said, it did the job nicely at setting us up for what was to come..


 The sets are all based on classic horror movie characters such as Freddy Kruger, Dracula and Zombies. We could see that they have improved the theming but we felt the lighting was a little too dark in some places to appreciate the fine detail. However, the darkness certainly added to the scare  experience and we loved the new touches to the Freddy set! The creepy music in all of the sets fitted really well and wasn't too overpowering.    


  The execution of the scares were perfectly timed throughout.  We had a fairly small group and we all felt that we experienced a good jump scare in each scene. Short, sharp shocks from pretty much every corner had us laughing and screaming throughout.  


 A firm favourite of ours is the Exorcist scene. It's an old technical system that works really well to scare the pants off of you! Yes, we all legged it away from the crazy demonic girl who got up REALLY close to us - great energy  from the actor! 


The ending had us all smashing through the exit door and into the Horror Bar, as we all regrouped with big smiles on our faces. We sat down and discussed what we thought of the show this year and how it compared to last year. We all agreed that the experience lasted longer, and the overall quality and actor performance was miles better; we came out wanting to go and experience it again! 


So, Pasaje del Terror Blackpool we at Terror Attractions stand up and salute you! You've certainly improved your show and we look forward to visiting again next year. We know we will be back for more this year as we had a blast! 

Review by Mel Wilson, Terror Attractions. 

Pasaje del Terror, Blackpool.  website - www.pasajedelterror.com

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