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Cracked - Survival Expereince 2015
10 enter but only 1 will survive. When you are eliminated your nightmares have only just began. Welcome to a whole new type of haunted house created ............

Location: Secret location
Terror 13
Terror 13 is a new permanent scare attraction based in New Brighton, Wirral Open weekends, apart from xmas weekend. ............

Location: New Brighton
Have you ever wondered of a world where theres nothing but make believe? Such things like DOLLS! Well Shush will send you on a journey into the life o............

Location: Barnsley
A Christmas SCAREol
A CHRISTMAS SCAREOL Manormortis, the UKs newest permanent scare attraction at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire, will be dusted with festi............

Location: Blackburn
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