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Screamfest Burton Upon Trent Review 2016 

screamfest burton upon trent

I'm very much excited to start off my terror attraction reviews this season with the infamous Screamfest Burton.  The car park seemed packed and we had to queue to get our passes for the evening ahead, the atmosphere was great at the entrance with plenty of great street actors in fantastic costumes roamed about for photo ops and scaring.

After having a bite to eat, we went straight for the attraction that was mainly outside...

Children of the corn - A favourite all round the corn maze has to be the most traditional of all types of terror attraction, we eagerly waited for the trailer ride which if I remember from earlier years had themeing and scares which sadly this year did not have, the trailer ride now is just a way of getting guests to the top of the field to walk back through the maze. With lots of inside strobe mazes with corn and plenty of actors, in fact LOADS of actors!  This attraction had more actors per room than I've seen in a long time. True to the name the actors in this attraction are mainly younger actors which does fit the theme but is also not as scary as the more mature actors. That being said we did witness a fantastic scare which involved a set of a small town and flag poles, sadly we did only 'witness' this scare and not experience it as it was let off far too early. From giant spiders to creepy children and the great chainsaw scare this is overall a fun attraction that is true to the Halloween spirit all round.

Freak Out -  A clown maze was the kind of cliché maze you expect to be all the same as the rest of them, to our surprise the clever idea of using different doors with different choices throughout made the whole attraction fun and interesting, choosing between boys and girls and if we want the safe way, the right way or the wrong way. The actors in this attraction were clearly having lots of fun  and we had some great scares during it, this was up there as one of the best attractions at the event although we did here difference in opinion depending on which doors you choose. We thought this was a great twist on a generic idea and made it a fun and action packed attraction that everyone can enjoy.

Soul Seekers -  High expectations always surround Soul Seekers as it had such a good reception on it opening year, the attraction has a fantastic opening and the themeing is second to none. The final scene is still just as confusing as it always has been and I'm not too sure it's a 'good' confusing. It did seem like the actors found our run through a little confusing as well, all three groups got very confused with very little actor scares throughout the second half of the attraction, I did personally spot the freezer scene seemed like it should have had an actor in a space but instead was an empty area. These little faults aside I feel like we had a bit of a bad run -through as I know the potential of this attraction is amazing, we were a little unlucky this time but we still got to see the amazing themeing of the hotel.

Love Hurts - This very interesting theme got me very excited this year as we LOVE unique themes for events.  In last year's Nocturnal's place and with a very similar layout to Nocturnal,  if you are a scare buff that remembers intricate details of previous attractions, whilst being similar in some ways the opening to this attraction was amazing the gross toilet scene was great and we loved the condom machine. There were lots of fantastic themeing in this attraction, one of which really needs pointing out is the amazing sewer tunnel with all the dripping water and fantastic themeing. The best actors were clearly saved for love hurts and it out shined the rest of the mazes by quite a lot. Love hurts was an attraction that really makes you look at all the details and follow the story throughout. The actors in this attraction worked well together and it all came together as one big story that tends to get lost in other attractions.

Night Bringers - Having not seen night bringers until this year I was looking forward to finding out what all the mixed reviews were about from last year. 'pumpkin' was our host to start the attraction and we definitely enjoyed the great first scare, similar to love hurts it did use parts of the previous attraction that was once there, which if you pay enough attention to everything like we do you can figure out bits of what will happen but still a great start to the attraction. From here on the maze was room after room of bad acting and poor scaring efforts,  I don't think we had a single 'scare' in the event apart from the first scene. The '16th century witch' was a mix of 14 year old girls in the same wigs, using younger actors can work in some situations as is explained in children of the corn, but in this circumstance it just didn't work and the attention to acting in the attraction was sadly overlooked, the design of attraction is room-scare-door opens-room-scare-door opens... and so on, what could have been a fantastic attraction with some slightly better actors and some rethinking of scares, sadly didn't make much sense at all and we left very underwhelmed.

All in all the event as a whole is good fun and GREAT for families and all ages, it has a mix of everything for everyone and the new attraction is a perfect addition to the event.

Review by Brett Jones & Becky Wardle, Terror Attractions. 

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