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The UK's TOP RATED Halloween Attractions of 2015

We at Terror Attractions unveil our TOP RATED Halloween attractions of 2015 where we believe you will find the most gruesome fun fuelled gorefest this side of Salem. Scary and intense, our recommendations to find the most putrid cream of the Halloween season has been in full swing.
Our terror attraction reviewers have travelled the length and breadth of the UK in search of the best Halloween attractions of 2015.

In no particular order, here is our list of the top Terror Attractions as rated our dedicated terror attraction reviewers...

Dead & Breakfast Screamland

  Dead & Breakfast 

Attraction location: Screamland, Margate.

Dead & Breakfast is a brand new scare experience based at Dreamland, Margate for their Halloween event Screamland. The 'Better Days Guest House' offers a sickening seaside welcome to all who check in to the decaying establishment. The level of detail in the themeing is exceptional. This attraction offers a frightful mix of comedy and many intense scares.     

Our review


tullys farm shocktoberfest


Attraction location: Tulleys Farm, Shocktoberfest.

    Tulleys have created a hard hitting attraction which is based on southern rednecks, the attention to detail of this attraction is beautiful. The facade is truly stunning. What happens in this attraction is something we've never seen in a UK scare attraction before. If you're not a fan of chainsaws then this ain't the one for you! 

Our review


Sub Species Alton Towers  


Atraction location: Alton Towers, Scarefest.

New for Scarefest 2015. This scare attraction really got the pulse racing! Very intense with scare actors that get up REAL close. Prepare to be hunted in this dark, underground maze. One of the strongest and scariest mazes we have seen Alton Towers produce.  

     Our review


HELL Scare Kingdom Scream Park


 Attraction location: Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Lancashire.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park unleashed this new attraction for 2015. 
Witness SATAN himself with candlelit corridors, Devil worshippers and the live birth of Satan's child.  There were scares from all directions throughout the attraction. We have nothing to say about the finale of this attraction other than...WE WERE TERRIFIED. 

  Our review

 Dr Frights Top rated scare attraction

A Nightmare On Main Street

Attraction location: Dr Frights Halloween Nights, Northampton.

 Blood and gore abundant, this scare maze is unique, scare actors perfectly timed and the length of maze just right. Roam the deserted streets in an apocalyptic world, with fantastic technical aspects and scenes of pure fright... expect a true nightmare.  

   Our review


ward 78 twisted attractions

Attraction location: HELLFEST, Birmingham.

 Set in a Mental Hospital, meet the crazy inmates! Holding a lantern to guide you, Screams can be heard for miles. Without a doubt, this attraction offers some great jump scares and scenes that are cleverly designed to make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

    Our review


fear at avon valley top rated halloween


Attraction location: FEAR at Avon Valley, Bristol.       

 Purgatory is set in a Prison, and the prisoners have escaped! You spend the whole scare attraction trying to get away from them and trust me, they do not make that easy. The theming of this maze is fantastic, and the different characters make the whole thing come together brilliantly. The ending to this scare attraction will quite literally bring you to your knees!

    Our review 

 So there you have it!

It's a frightful job, but someone has to do it.

We braved the cold, covering over a thousand miles collectively, our intrepid bunch of horror reviewers encountered grizzly ghouls, scary ass clowns and psycho nut jobs (and that’s just the attraction owners of said reviewed terror mazes).

We are now proud to give morbid homage to all, as I can safely say, the terror attractions of 2015 have yet again raised the bar. It's fantastic to see an industry filled with creative people who are passionate about scares! 

I hope you, our avid readers have enjoyed reading our reviews as much as it was the pleasure of our team to writing them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the attractions we have visited for making us feel very welcome and most importantly...scaring the pants off of us!

 A huge shout out to all our readers who have publicly submitted reviews on the website, we really do value your opinion.

Finally, let's not forget our dedicated official scare reviewers, Tom, Jay Jay, Giuliana, Dayna, Brett, Robert, Andy and Tanyia. We're very lucky to have such a strong 'passionate about terror' team.

If you agree or disagree with our reviews, please do convey your morbid opinion, we take note of all feedback however sick and twisted they are!

Paul Hornby – Editor in chief, Terror Attractions



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