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The UK's TOP RATED Halloween Attractions of 2016

We at Terror Attractions unveil our TOP RATED Halloween attractions of 2016.  Here you will find what we believe to be the most terrifying, shocking and scarily fun Halloween experiences of the season.

Our terror attraction reviewers have travelled the UK in search of the best Halloween attractions of 2016.

In no particular order, here is our list of the 'Top Rated' Terror Attractions by our dedicated terror attraction reviewers...


Ash Hell Xtreme Scream Park


Attraction location: Xtreme Scream Park, Melton Mowbray

The idea of prison is scary enough for most of us and it's clear that these inmates want you and your flesh! With many scares we weren't disappointed, the sets are fantastic and I don't know how I actually found my way out of there.  The characters stay well hidden as the lights go from dimly lit to pitch black within seconds, appearing at just the right moment to scare you senseless.  We screamed so much we were breathless when we finally came out of the exit.     

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reincornation York Maze Hallowscream


Attraction location: Hallowscream, York Maze.

    This one isn’t for people with a fear of clowns as it’s full of them! The interaction of the actors is outstanding. Expect corridors that get smaller, lopsided rooms which had us laughing out loud as we couldn’t get off the wall once we had fallen onto it. A real blast to go through and worth going to Hallowscream just for this one! 

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Phobia Fear Avon Valley 


Atraction location: FEAR at Avon Valley, Bristol.

An overall fantatic event at FEAR at Avon Valley, all attractions were impressive and the park atmosphere is incredible. We voted PHOBIA as our favorite attraction as it had us feeling completely lost, confused and petrified. Definitely a highlight of the season and one we look forward to experiencing again.   

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Snuffhouse Scare Kingdom


 Attraction location: Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Lancashire

If you have ever experienced Psychomanteum then you'll know that Scare Kingdom can produce repulsive extreme attractions. It's fair to say that Snuffhouse is completely different from Psychomanteum, but even more severe and 10 times more real and extreme. It literally pushes you to your limits. I vomited on the floor- that's how extreme it is! I have never been so close to saying a safe word ever, and the only reason I didn't say it was because I felt a duty not to so that I could write a review. Honestly this is the most extreme attraction that I have ever experienced which made me feel disgusting. 

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 Love Hurts Screamfest  Top rated scare attraction


Attraction location: Screamfest, Burton Upon Trent.

 There were lots of fantastic themeing in this attraction, one of which really needs pointing out is the amazing sewer tunnel with all the dripping water and fantastic themeing. The best actors were clearly saved for love hurts and it out shined the rest of the mazes by quite a lot. Love hurts was an attraction that really makes you look at all the details and follow the story throughout. The actors in this attraction worked well together and it all came together as one big story. 

   Our review


paradise foundation atmosfear scare entertainment

Attraction location: Screamland, Margate

New for 2016 is the Paradise foundation. It’s a cross between a Purge and Hostel theme. This attraction has the potential to be world class. Yet again the theming and storyline throughout was outstanding. 
We are really looking forward to the future of Paradise Foundation. As we believe this haunt will be spoken about for a very long time. 

    Our review


The Harvest QueExtreme


Attraction location: QuExtreme Terror, Kent.        

 Quextreme Terror was a new event this year based in Kent and it hosted 3 attractions. Our favorite was THE HARVEST, A corn maze with a twist with scarecrows and serial killers that had us trembling with fear. There were some really clever scares that caught us out on many occasions. Easily one of the best corn mazes we've experienced. 

    Our review 


 COVEN OF 13  

Attraction location: Tulleys Shocktoberfest Scream Park, West Sussex

The Coven of 13 is an incredibly clever concept. Now we don’t want to give away too many spoilers and ruin it for visitors, but you really will love it! It’s not the scariest of attractions in the world and won’t leave you running out of the door, BUT what it will do is leave you wanting to experience it over and over again. 

We left this attraction with our jaws open, absolutely gobsmacked by the  brilliant creativity. Not every Halloween haunt needs to have blood, guts and gore or a chainsaw wielding lunatic. sometimes the simplest of ideas can really make something very special.

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A round of applause to all scare attractions that opened Halloween 2016!

2016 has seen lots of new attractions appearing up and down the country, many with a frightfully high standard of scares, new techniques and concepts.

Although we couldn't get around to visiting every single event, we feel we  covered a sufficient amount across the UK to conclude our final Top Rated list.

  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the attractions we have visited for making us feel very welcome and most importantly...scaring the shit out of us!

 A huge shout out to all our readers who have publicly submitted reviews on the website, we really do value your opinion. We have promoted over 400 scare attractions and scare events during the launch of our website back in 2010 and we've almost hit our 1000 public review count, so thank you and please keep them reviews coming in, just as we will continue to do so. 

Finally, let's not forget our dedicated official scare reviewers, Tom, Jay Jay, Giuliana, Dayna, Becky, Brett, Robert, Andy and Tanyia. We're very lucky to have such a strong 'passionate about terror' team.

It's goodbye from us until next year, in the meantime, DO have nightmares!

Paul Hornby – Editor in chief, Terror Attractions

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