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Halloween would not be the same without a visit to Tulleys Farm! It has become a yearly tradition during the Halloween period and sparks the beginning of the festive season beautifully. 

I was delighted to be invited to review it once again this year, as it has a special place in my sadistic, horror loving heart. 

So, on a cold Friday evening, accompanied by my bald headed ,right said Fred look alike friend by my side, we ventured to Turners hill to experience this years horrific delights.  

What’s most impressive about Shocktoberfest is the scale of the park and the work that goes into creating this monster. From the flame lit entrance to the roaming characters, live bands, food outlets, rides and more, It really has become a huge event. 

Shocktoberfest has an impressive 8 haunts, each with its own unique style! 

Brand new for this year we were given ‘Coven of 13’ and ‘PanDEMONium’s 3D Carnival’ so we were really excited to get started. 


PanDEMONIUM’s 3D Carnival 

New for 2016, this clown haunt was better than ever. Yes, it had a few set pieces carried over from previous years, but who doesn't love a section of carnival curtains and a black light trummel? We have to start with giving a massive well done to the acting team inside this haunt. They were by far the best acting team I have ever encountered in a Tulleys Clown themed attraction. They knew their environment and the best ways to pounce and scare! It was a pleasure seeing my bald headed friend shrieking round every corner. The acting team were just full of energy and enthusiasm. Half way through this attraction we were given our 3D glasses and continued on. Now Ultra Violet paint doesn't come cheap and I was delighted to see how much effort went into painting this attraction. from the giant 3D Clown, to the endless ultra violet walls. The 3D at some points worked really well with colours truly popping out of the wall. 

I would have liked to see some more use of blacklight trickery throughout this attraction, It’s an excellent tool for dark scares and I believe this was a slight opportunity missed. But all in all one of our favourite haunts of the night with the highlight being the incredible acting team. 



One of our Highlights of 2015! So much so, that we voted this haunt one of our top rated attractions of the year. So we were seriously pumped to be re-visiting it. The same set up as last year, with a lively acting team, this attraction never fails to get the adrenalin pumping and your paints lightly soiled. I mentioned in last year's review that I felt at some points the strobe lighting was a little too fast and slowing it down slightly would give more opportunity’s to the acting team to hide and pounce throughout this attraction. Unfortunately it was the same for this year, but this doesn’t stop you from getting lost in the maze of bloody walls and chainsaw wilding lunatics. This really is a wonderful and unique attraction and I hope it is extended for next year with a few changes. 



Last year, I was completely blown away by vast magnitude of this attraction. It really needs to be seen to be believed. It is a testament to the creative and building team for such a large scale haunt. From the moment we entered this attraction we were just astounded by the vast set pieces and cinematic feel throughout. It was nice to see Tulleys had re-themed some rooms within the attraction, which never goes unnoticed. We timed our escape, and from start to finish it lasted well over fifteen minutes. The acting team also need a mention for their hard work scaring throughout. Never once did I see anyone out of character or not giving it 100%! This is especially impressive considering some of the cast are positioned outside for most the night. Well done Tully’s it was a pleasure to walk through greatness once more. And we look forward to baring witness to this attractions developments in the coming years. 



Where Tulleys get it right year after year is in their offering of some lighter scares for the younger generation. Creepy cottage is a perfect example of this. A well themed haunted house with some light hearted jump scares. The perfect introduction to younger fans searching for their first halloween fright. 



Nothing much has changed for the 2016 season, apart from a new and improved sack for your head. Thankfully these sacks were much more difficult to see through allowing your imagination to run riot in the darkness. It’s a clever concept, but once you have done it year after year it gets a bit predictable. I think it’s time Tulleys shook this attraction up a bit for next season. Perhaps a change of theme or a dark roped attraction even potentially getting rid of those sacks. Don’t get me wrong, for those new visitors to Shocktoberfest this will undoubtedly be a horrible delight. But due to the growing amount of returning customers, the regulars would love a bit of an update here. 



This attraction is perfect for the whole family. It offers fantastic set pieces and effects and it really is a huge hit each year with new and returning visitors. Even though some effects you know are just around the corner, you look forward in anticipation to seeing them over and over again. With some new set pieces this year and a very enthusiastic cast, this was one of my favourite rides ever on the Haunted Hayride. I don’t want to give too much away, but the addition of a rather loud gun shot half way through the attraction had even me ducking for cover and wishing I had a bought a spare pair of pants. I do however miss the pig carcasses being thrown from the scaffold tower and the clown finale with it’s circus net. This was always a highlight for me, in my opinion I loved the fact that the Haunted Hayride finished with a funny and quirky ending. I feel this years finale was a little cliché. Having said that, we still had a great time and Tulleys Shocktoberfest’s Hey-ride is truly a brilliant horror haunt classic. 



Each year we look forward to visiting the Cellar and each year the acting team seem more erratic and hungry for fresh blood. They really make this attraction and whoever takes the time to direct and teach this team year after year get it spot on. Not many changes to report but in my opinion it was the best walk through of this attraction I had ever experienced. The ghouls and monsters appeared from everywhere. Every corner we approached led to a bombardment of pure terror. 

At one point though we did get completely lost and ended up walking backstage in the attraction, This has never happened before, but it was fun trying to find our way back. Well done Tulleys, another great year in the Cellar and I’d love to see a possible extension or big finale for the 2017 season. 



Now, i’ve left this completely new attraction to last as I think it needs a special mention. 

The Coven of 13 is an incredibly clever concept and something I wish I had thought of many years ago. Now I don’t want to give away too many spoilers and ruin it for visitors, but you really will love it! It’s not the scariest of attractions in the world and won’t leave you running out of the door, BUT what it will do is leave you wanting to experience it over and over again. 

We left this attraction with our jaws open, absolutely gobsmacked by the  brilliant creativity. Not every Halloween haunt needs to have blood, guts and gore or a chainsaw wielding lunatic. sometimes the simplest of ideas can really make something very special. I believe this attraction will be talked about for a long time! I hope this will be brought back next year, Maybe with some updates to the witches cottage and some other clever effects within the swamp. but either way, it’s a wonderful attraction! I truly believe Tulleys have created another classic Haunt that will thrill audiences for years to come. Well done indeed! Astounding!




So that’s my summary of this year at Shocktoberfest. I can’t wait to experience it all again next year! Tulleys is indeed the place to go for your Halloween fix of frights and fun. 

A gentle request…Tulleys could you possibly invest in some lighting in the toilets? while I love a challenge, holding my phone torch in my mouth while doing the business isn’t ideal. It’s only a small detail compared to the perfection of the set up you have.

In my opinion each year Tulleys provide an experience that can thrill audiences of all ages. You  allow for non horror fans to munch on a hotdog by the fire listening to the live bands, whilst the little ones experience the younger scares and the teenagers and adults enjoy the delights of the more sadistic and immersive haunts. 

That’s why people keep coming back year after year. It’s a perfect blend of scares and fun for the Halloween season for everyone! Well done once again Tulleys!

Review by Tom Swift, Terror Attractions

Shocktoberfest Official Website 


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