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Xtreme Scream Park Review 2016 

xtreme scream park

It may not be Halloween yet but the Halloween season is in full swing as Xtreme Scream Park has kicked opened its doors and unleashed all their monsters on their traditionally family friendly Twinlakes Park. We were invited down and have compiled a review of what we thought of each attraction and the evening as a whole.

Here's how our night went...

Ash Hell Penitentiary 

Ash Hell Xtreme Scream Park

As we were queuing for this jail themed attraction we were entertained/slightly unnerved by the guard in the watch tower who shouted obscenities, flashed the floodlights and even shot at us from a very large and realistic gun! If this was outside, God only knows what is going to be behind the walls of this foreboding prison entrance. As we entered, it was clear why some of the guards were wearing gas masks, it reeked of stale and rotting dampness (it's very hard to describe but trust me it stunk.). We immediately came upon chain link faces and guards armed with tasers which got us flying through an electrifying start.  You roam through endless jail cells, each one as disgusting and realistic as the next, meeting guards and escaped prisoners. It's clear that they want you and your flesh! With many scares we weren't disappointed, the sets are fantastic and I don't know how I actually found my way out of there.  The characters stay well hidden as the lights go from dimly lit to pitch black within seconds, appearing at just the right moment to scare you senseless.  There were some other good effects in there such as an unnerving audio track, animatronics and air cannons. I screamed so much that I was breathless when we finally came out of the exit.  


Twisted Xtreme Scream Park


Have you wondered where all of those clowns have been coming from recently?  Well it seems as though they have made a home in 'Twisted', the circus themed attraction and the first one we experienced at the park. The aim is to make your way through the red and white curtain maze, facing dead ends, solid walls and of course... Killer clowns!   

We enjoyed the fun in this maze but eventually caught up with the group in front which made things a little slow. The characters have loads of energy and enjoyed taunting the people in our group.  We heard loads of screams coming from other groups inside and at one point, at a tunnel opening, we heard a girl quietly say "surely you don't have to go through there!" as she hung onto her friend.


The Hunted - Release The Hounds!

xtreme scream park


We are the hunted in this attraction, enter the themed queue line with bloodied walls and antler trophies of animal killings. A hunter shoves a bag over your head and puts your hand on a rope.... Now you have to survive!  I have seen a few hooded rope maze attractions and this one is definitely one of the best I have experienced. As the putrid smell of rotten meat hit my nose, I firmly held on to that rope with no vision whatsoever. It seems like an age that you are in there, the rope changing sides all the time and you really have to focus to keep ahold of it. I love how there are so many different textures on the floor and many types of audio.  One minute you can hear people around you, the next horses galloping in the distance. It immerses you into the theme without using anything visual and it does it in a very clever way.  Towards the end you are released from the bag and immediately hit by strobe lights.  This sudden change confused my brain and even though my legs were walking, I didn't know if I was moving or not. Then the finale made me panic so much that I literally legged it away screaming!


Belvoir Dungeon

dungeon xtreme scream park


Near the front of the park, this castle-like structure is a vampire themed attraction.  It's actually quite fun to see a classic theme and it lends itself well to the old fashioned ghost-train style maze inside.  We had our throats bitten on entry and made our way through some narrow passageways.  It was very dark and we felt like we were completely lost and stuck in a dead end a couple of times.  It was the least scary out of all of the attractions but we had a lot of fun trying to find our way out. 


The Pie Factory

pie factory xtreme scream park

 So many images were running through my mind before we began this attraction! I stood in the queue, making my predictions on what would happen and none of them turned out to be true!  I was definitely taken by surprise with this one! A good use of outdoor and indoor space, you walk through a genuine pig farm (with real pigs) before you enter the farm houses and eventually the slaughter house!  Obviously Melton Mowbray is famous for its pies but I  didn't think I would ever be part of the filling, I imagine I would taste rather fatty.  Anyway, with many different rooms telling a story in itself you meet farm workers and weird inbred pig people, all working to create the delicious fillings.  There were a few empty rooms that could have been utilised better, but many were incredibly detailed and scary in itself. With jump scares throughout, the girls that we went through with were petrified and we loved the animatronic of Mama's Hog half way through.  Again, a really good ending that had me checking if my limbs were all intact. 


The Stilton Hotel and Hell Spa

xtreme scream park

 This huge hotel and spa is daunting to say the least. We enter to receive our spa treatment to make us look beautiful and feel revived.  Immediately separated from your group you are thrust into a room with strangers, listening to a soothing voice listing all of the special treatments on offer to you.  We are told that beauty is only skin deep and that they have treatments on offer that are to die for before we are taken to begin treatment, and that's where our journey begins.  

This place is absolutely huge and you walk through endless rooms and sets, all perfectly themed and fitting with the Hotel and spa. On the ground floor we see treatment areas, locker rooms, decaying patients, barbaric beauty therapists and lots and lots of bloody remains. We travel upwards to the second floor where the hotel rooms and guests are situated.  There is scare after scare and so many tight corridors, low ceilings, and very inventive walls that it's so claustrophobic and difficult to navigate, causing confusion, tension and fear within our group.  The Stilton Hotel and Spa's theming and feel reminded me of Disney's 'Tower of Terror' but much scarier.  There are some rooms which are so hauntingly realistic that is so eerie and is exemplified by the different characters, sounds and audio track in each room.  I can't believe how long it lasted, I felt like I was never going to get out... And weirdly part of me wanted to stay and become a guest there because it was completely mesmerising and just fantastic.


To sum it up... 

The scares in all of the attractions aim to make you jump and the story is told through the extremely well detailed sets, sounds and smells in which you are completely immersed in. The scare actors did a brilliant job as the scares were very well executed. The length of the attractions are brilliant...there's no "wham bam thank you mam's" here!, you certainly do feel like your getting your money worth. The attractions are designed so incredibly well that they already tell a massive story without having the actors explaining a long winded story-line.

We love the fact that you can go at your own pace and experience attractions in your own time. The queues can get quite big but they don't take too long to go down and it was great to see a few members of staff going round telling people which attractions had the quickest queue times.

The roaming actors were amazing at terrifying passers by, especially the guy with the chainsaw! We needed a bit of a rest to catch our breath at times and loved sitting by the campfire drinking tea, eating doughnuts and listening to the band.

It was a fantastic Halloween atmosphere and many people that we met said that they had been coming for a few years - we can see why! We had a brilliant night and would definitely recommend Xtreme Scream Park as the perfect place to enjoy Halloween. It's definitely won a special place in our hearts and we can't wait to return.

5/5 stars! 


Review by Giuliana Hornby, Terror Attractions 


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