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 Scare Kingdom Scream Park (2011): Public Reviews
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Location: Blackburn
Description: Scare Kingdom Scream Park (2011)

**Voted NUMBER ONE Scream Park 2011**

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- 15th Aug, 2012
More expensive than other scream parks but its well worth it, it had like 4 different attractions all packed with scary actors. Beth bit was the blood bath, got locked in a cage and scared to hell.

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- 02nd Aug, 2012
Had great expectations of the place before I visited it but it ended in a disappointment.

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- 01st Aug, 2012
It was awesome. Had my heart racing and I would definitely go again,

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- 29th Jul, 2012
On a dark and cloudy night of October 14th, 2011, the Terror Attractions team crossed the threshold of Hawkshaw Farm Park to enter Scare Kingdom Scream Park, created by AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group`s Scream Parks UK division. I didn't even have time to call my solicitor to give him my last will and testament before we were accosted by the weird but wonderful scare actors Crazy Mavey and the ghostly monk; who's piercingly shrill voices mocked and ridiculed victims passing through, making our initial entrance uncomfortable and incredibly uneasy. Shortly after this ambush our group were forced to meet Lucifear to hear the mirrored 'Angel of Death' pronounce the general rules through an excellent mixture of audio visual media and live performance from an old hag. This was a completely unique way of introducing the rules of a terror attraction which we certainly had not experienced before, the mirror effects were superb and a scare in itself. Onwards and outwards, yes, OUTWARDS! All seven of us walking in single file with hands latched onto the persons shoulders in front, almost looking like seven scared penguins in wellington boots, waddling down to the beginning of the attractions "Voodoo Bayou" and ""Day of the Dead" which are set in an immense corn field maze, making it the ultimate dark trail. In these two similar attractions we found ourselves shuffling like lost souls through the small and winding mud paths, following the story of the murderous serial killer Delphine La Laurie, and afraid that she was going to attack any minute and use us as a human sacrifice. The storylines were well thought out and scripted, and the makeup and costumes were theatrical, bizarre and beautiful. The journey in-between sets seemed a little too long and repetitive at times, however the setting certainly did bring a chilling atmosphere to the performance, driving the audience out of their comfort zones and into a surreal and dangerous new world. As soon as we thought that we were safe and sound, we were dragged into the next terrifying attraction "HMS Hell", an ocean liner which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle along with its crew. This was undoubtedly a much more terrifying attraction than the earlier two. The dark enclosed tunnels and narrow passageways were claustrophobic leaving us exposed and defenceless against the haunting ghosts of the ships lingering past. With strobe lighting and sinister surroundings, we were scared at every turn by the most fear-provoking actors who relished our screams and played into our deepest nightmares. Once we had made our escape, we were quickly thrust into... .I want to cry even mentioning it... .Blood Bath II! This completely insane and terrorizing attraction sees the merciless Dr Van Der Blood and his sadistic followers� carry out gruesome experiments on human subjects. Scare Kingdom definitely saved the best till last! Blood Bath II makes you feel completely vulnerable; you are constantly filled with fear as there is no safety or space anymore, the actors touch you! We were impressed with the chosen background music which wasn't your typical scare attraction music, with its fast dance/techno beat which gave us a surge of panic throughout. Without giving too much away Blood Bath II is intelligent and inventive, using all of the human senses to achieve the gritty realism that had everyone screaming for their lives. Honestly, I have to admit that I actually wet myself a little bit!! Its fast pace and frequent scares made us confused and disturbed. This is a horror masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of the modern day scare attraction. After nearly having a heart attack in Blood Bath II I was very thankful to see the new Bloody Mary's bar, and got myself several Scare Kingdom Ale's and checked if all my limbs were still attached. Scare Kingdom Scream Park is a must see for those who dare.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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