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 Cursed (2013): Public Reviews
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Location: Essex

Essex's No. 1 Halloween Event. Cursed is a Halloween scare event that provides the ultimate scare experience. Visitors will journey through a series of themed mazes encountering various characters lurking in the dark. A mixture of special effects and live performers will ensure that visitors are scared witless.


Attractions include:





Zombie run

Pig Pen

Creepy Copice

Haunted House


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- 06th Nov, 2013
I would highly recommend this! I went with a group of nine from work. Great effects, great acting. Only two things let it down, at one point we were queuing, for quiet a while and after being so hyped up, it was a bit of a come down...as for the squeeze, there should be a warning if you are costa phobic!!! This was awful and we all agreed we would never had done this had we known. We did warn other before going in, as a couple of us nearly had panic attacks.

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- 05th Nov, 2013
The whole attraction start to finish was brilliant. Each maze was different and really scary. Even the walks in between the mazes were scary as it was mostly in the woods, dark with actors randomly jumping out on you. The costumes and makeup was amazing. And all the mazes were fun and scary at the same time. The last maze was so scary we all ran out screaming. I was really impressed with the staff, as my mum has a pacemaker and it was listed on the website that there was one maze she couldn't go inside due to electric shocks. We were told once we got there what maze that was. And once we arrived there one of the scarers Ethel let my mum stay with us in the queue then when we got to the front she took my mum to wait where we would come out. They were really lovely and efficient. We loved the whole attraction was definitely scary and we would go back again! :-)

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- 28th Oct, 2013
Attended this on Saturday and was very impressed. This was the first terror event I have attended and wasn't sure what to expect of the level of effects, props and mazes but I was pleasantly surprised. The mazes were of a good size and quality and some of the special effects were very good. The setting really added to the effect, walking through the trees along the narrow country paths waiting for something to jump out the bushes was just as scary as some of the mazes. I would definetly recommend this and will be attending next year.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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