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Location: New Brighton, Wirral

The Creep' is a terrifying scare-fest set in one of the north-west's most unique venues - Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton.

After the mysterious and terrifying events that took place in October 2012, proceedings in the coastal town of New Brighton have become more even intriguing. Locked-down by a shadowy government organisation, the Fort has spent the last several months in a state of quarantine amidst rumours that the agency within are attempting to capture the demon who is believed to dwell in the bowels of Fort Perch Rock. No-one goes in. No-one goes out. Until now...

This Halloween you are invited to experience 'The Creep - Quarantine' to discover if the rumours are true. Are you brave enough?

'The Creep - Quarantine' is a Live Action Horror Experience and runs from Oct 17th - 31st

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- 31st Oct, 2013
My friends and I went to The Crepp last night and were absolutley amazed! It was so scary! The production value was faultless and the acting perfect! I was really drawn in by the experience. Can't wait for next years! Well done to all involved :)

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- 30th Oct, 2013
From the moment you enter the establishment there is a steady build up of anticipation. The story which is told by various members of the "agency" builds it even higher slowly setting the scene for some really chilling reasons to scream at the top of your voice and run like heck!! It is totally worth a visit and i will definitely be back next year!

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- 30th Oct, 2013
A fun attraction which uses the location well and nicely blends theatrical scenes with magic tricks and a traditional scare maze.

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- 30th Oct, 2013
It was ok-ish, but they made it out like it was more scary than it actually was,I went with 4 other people ages 13-14 looking for a good scare but we didnt really think it was that good, maybe make it a little more scary, then yes, we would come to it.

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- 30th Oct, 2013
Best Halloween show around by a mile! So different to all the others, it has a great story & amazingly talented actors. Brilliant scary venue too

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- 30th Oct, 2013
Just what the Wirral needs a great haunt. Shame is isnt there all year. Well done.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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