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Location: Blackpool
Description: 1000 years of Blackpool’s most dramatic history as one of the top things to do in Blackpool and a great day out for the whole family - educational, entertaining, and seriously scary fun!

10 fun actor led shows interacting with the audience tell the tales of 1000 years of
Blackpool's most gruesome and funny history
Be sentenced to death on Extremis drop ride and prepare to scream from the rafters!
Escape the mirror maze or horrors
Discover the torture instruments of forgotten times
Enter the hilarious old Blackpool court and win trial against the high judge
Educational, entertaining, and seriously scary fun!

3.3/5.0 Our rating

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- 13th Dec, 2013
We had a great time at BPD, well worth the money as you are in there for a while and the actors are fab and funny as hell

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 22nd Oct, 2013
As usual, my review will contain spoilers as I like to give a detailed review of my visit. Or visits in this case. Twice in two days. First off, the entrance is very well decorated when compared to the other Dungeons I've visited. The staff were all friendly and helpful which is always a good start! Into the Dungeon itself. First off is The Elevator. The actor here pretty much sets the scene for what's coming up. The actor here on my first visit was outstanding, but not so much on my second visit. He was hard to hear and a couple of times forgot his lines. That was a shame. The lifts are non eventful, not like the big one in London, but the intro is the same. The Dark Chapel was easily the stand out show of the Dungeon for me. A great, great looking set and some very effective effects. I loved this show I'm not giving the ending of this away, but get close to the front for maximum effect. The Plague is exactly the same show as you'll find in the other Dungeons, as is the Torture show, the court room AND the maze. Even the script is the same. A missed opportunity I think. Having said that, the Torture Chamber set is outstanding! I'd have loved the chance to have a proper look at this and maybe even have had the central wheel spinning for maximum effect. The Viking show is basically a video, but it's informative with a couple of scares. On a related note, it's good to see they have used the same actors here as they have for the other Dungeons. The Viking leader here is the same actor who plays the Viking leader in the York Dungeon, albeit as just a head projection there. Skippool Smugglers was another missed opportunity as it's pretty much the same show (can you see a pattern here) as the Sweeny Todd show in London and Dick Turpin in York. But again, it's a great, great looking set. Pendle Witches is yet another missed opportunity as it's a big set, but too sparsely populated. Also, the screen you have to watch is in a very awkward place, meaning that it's hard to see if you stand in the wrong place. Plus, it's basically a set up for the drop ride in the next room and not really a show in my oppinion. Finally Extremis (the drop ride) was far taller than I expected, but once you've done one then you'll know what to expect. I was disappointed to see a film at the top rather than models, but I suppose space had the final say there. As I was made to take my glasses off, I couldn't see it, but it looked the same as the old London set, just filmed rather than with models. So overall, a missed opportuntiy really as it's probably 85% the same as other Dungeons so if you've done a couple of those then you've seen everything here already. The sets are of a high quality and I'm guessing they used this Dungeon as a trial run for the new London site as the sets are very similar. The floors etc are all different as you go around and there's alot of detail in there if you have the time to see it all. I'd be happy to visit again though and I still say it's worth a visit if you're in Blackpool.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 16th Jul, 2013
Got to give it to the actors for putting on a great show 10/10

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 19th Dec, 2012
Visited on 5/12/2012 a very interesting show, not very scary but excellent props, sets and actors. Would do it again!

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 24th Nov, 2012
The Blackpool Tower Dungeons is really great! for anyone wanting to learn about history for anyone not learned about those forgotten times in blackpool its a must see i recommend it great actors great special effects definitely worth a visit!

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 23rd Nov, 2012
Like every dungeons - FANTASTIC!

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 19th Nov, 2012
Great actors, strong performance but not scary.

Visit attraction again: No
- 03rd Nov, 2012
disappointed for a hallloween trip

Visit attraction again: No
- 16th Oct, 2012
I wen't to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon hoping that it would scare but it didn't. The begining was the best because you didn't know what to expect but it's NOT scary. The Dungeon is just alot like HORRIBLE HISTORIES a show i've seen a few times on CBBC, HORRIBLE HISTORIES is realy just a history lesson but without all the boring stuff. Overall, I would recomend The Dungeon to familys who are intrested in knowing a bit more of the history of Blackpool. THIS IS NOT A PLACE WHERE YOU GET CHASED OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, If you want something like being chased go to FARMAGGEDON or SCAREKINGDOM.

Visit attraction again: No
- 19th Sep, 2012
History of Blackpool? nah, just scare us!

Visit attraction again: No

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