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Location: Blackpool
Description: 1000 years of Blackpool’s most dramatic history as one of the top things to do in Blackpool and a great day out for the whole family - educational, entertaining, and seriously scary fun!

10 fun actor led shows interacting with the audience tell the tales of 1000 years of
Blackpool's most gruesome and funny history
Be sentenced to death on Extremis drop ride and prepare to scream from the rafters!
Escape the mirror maze or horrors
Discover the torture instruments of forgotten times
Enter the hilarious old Blackpool court and win trial against the high judge
Educational, entertaining, and seriously scary fun!

3.3/5.0 Our rating

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- 12th Sep, 2012
I have just turned 21 years old, was in blackpool and walking around we all decided to visit the Blackpool tower dungeons. what you have to remember is that all of the dungeon attractions are more of a history based attraction. a few jumpy scenes but more on the history sde, if you are easily freked out by learning what actually happened to people in a torture chamber or having a psychotic doctor running around in your face then this will frighten you.i was really nterested by what each character was telling you and i do find it very entertaining, one or two parts did really frea me out at one point the lights go out and as they came back on it wasnt nice to see a horrid woman glaring in my face. the scenery was fantastic and all of the sets were very high quality detailed to the point where the doctor says he has lost his leeches and the chairs you re sitting on begin to move as though you are sitting on leeches. overall the Blackpool tower dungeons was a great place and is deffinetley worth the time and money. the actors and scenery is an all out 10/10 for me and looking at the well designed sets in this place i can honestley say that other terror attractons need to step up their game. not the scariest thing iv ever been on but i dont think they aim to terrify you. more of a goosebumps style history lesson ;) would i go again? definetley!

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- 08th Sep, 2012
Boring! glad it was 241!

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- 29th Aug, 2012
Expected it to be scarier too much drama going on, better if there was more intense scenes

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- 23rd Aug, 2012
Wanted more scares but a family fun day out

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- 01st Aug, 2012
enjoyed it, similar to the London dungeons. so if you've been there you know what to expect,

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Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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