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Location: Gloucestershire

A plague has swept through the United Kingdom, wiping out 90% of the population. The virus is deadly, once infected, carriers die within 60 minutes…. But then…..

They become UNDEAD

The recently deceased are now walking amongst us,they only have one purpose…

Consume the living

You are our last line of defence, our last hope of defeating this outbreak
Armed and briefed, do you have what it takes to survive and overcome the odds that are massively stacked against you?

Countless scenarios, constantly updating missions,endless hoards of zombies,

over 10 acres of land to capture,defend,secure and escape from……

Do you have what it takes to survive, the ZOMBIEXPERIENCE

3.0/5.0 Our rating

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- 10th Jan, 2014
The experience was brilliant. Once started, the adrenaline kicks in and you are caught up in the challenges and what you need to complete each task. The zombies are brilliant and really get into character with loud screams and great attacking. The location is eery with a run-down out-building in a forest which adds to the experience. I thoroughly recommend taking part in this.

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- 08th Jan, 2014
Great fun! Loved it! Already booked again.

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- 07th Jan, 2014
I have gone to every event as a zombie. No event is the same.. half of the time the zombies make me jump.. I feel sorry for survivors if you think you have what it take.. wld u run and hide or stay and fight for your life?

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- 07th Jan, 2014
brilliant fun had a great time and very scary,the zombies are amazing and take there role very seriously,the tasks are brilliantly thought out,would definately do it all again

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- 07th Jan, 2014
Scariest part?...... The price!!

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- 05th Jan, 2014
For the price you get a whole lot going on! Zombies will pounce on you, wail in the distance or up close before they attack. So run or fight? Most run.

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- 05th Jan, 2014
I went to this event as one of the Zombies. Most of the survivors were scared out of their wits and we are VERY scary and fast! We will jump out at you from any angle. Tasty!

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- 05th Jan, 2014
Have been to a few of these and it just gets better. The zombies are brilliant, each time irs been different so plenty if surprises. Well worth the journey.

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- 05th Jan, 2014
Had an amazing night! The zombies are fantastic and really keep you on your toes! Great fun and jumpy too! Real adrenaline rush well worth it!

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- 05th Jan, 2014
Absolutely brilliant!! Loved every minute of it...3 hours of running around in the dark shooting zombies and being chased by zombies was the best. If you want to try something different or if you are a fan of zombies..you must try this. Great fun!

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