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Location: Scare Kingdom Scream Park


Let’s face it, it SUCKS if you are single on Valentines night… so this year why not spend Valentines with the vampires at Scare Kingdom Scream Park, which will unlock the creaking doors of ‘Manormortis’ for a unique three night scare entertainment experience for sinful singles, courageous couples and fearless families.

L’aMortis – House of Darkness 2014

Vampires from the worlds of fact and fiction, and will convene at Manormortis, the UK’s newest award-winning scare attraction, as a total eclipse casts the old mansion into total darkness for a sexy and spine-chilling celebration of ‘Lupercalia’.
Grab hold of your beau or find a new one in the dark as you cling to each other is fear!
‘Professor Van Helsing’ will be on hand to help guests survive the terror trial in the dark, arming them with candles to explore the 24 haunted environments, plagued with blood sucking beasts. Vampires from far and wide including the Malaysian ‘Penanggalan’, the Transylvanian ‘Count Dracula’ and the English ‘Vampire of Croglin Low’ are set to attend the sordid celebration…

Psychomanteum – officially ‘the UK’s Sickest Attraction’ will also open its doors once again for patients aged 18 and over (extra charge of £4.00 per body). Surrender to the will of the twisted Doctor Goodkind and his evil orderlies in this world-renowned controversial psychosexual ‘x-scream’ scare entertainment experience.

L'aMortis - House of Darkness opens on Thursday 13th February, Friday 14th February and Saturday 15th February 2014, it is located at Hawkshaw Farm Park, Longsight Road, Clayton-le-Dale, Near Blackburn, Lancashire. BB2 7JA.

Tickets cost £10.00 per body and include admission to L'aMortis - House of Darkness, access to the bar and the opportunity to enter Psychomanteum (extra charge for Psychomanteum admission). Which leaves only one question… Will you be their ‘necks’ victim?

Book now for an alternative Valentines experience suitable for all ages at www.manormortis.com


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- 16th Feb, 2014
As a previous visitor of Scare Kingdom and Manormortis all its previous formats, I was intrigued as to how they were going to change it. WOW! From a gorgeous mansion to a candlelit space. Though the layout of the building had not changed, the sheer lighting change made a once navigational building a disorientating maze. That was the first scariest thing about! The way the actors used the darkness, and the random flashes of light was fantastic and I came to the last room shaking! The other thing that made this worthwhile scare wise was the other guests. Both times I went through there were guests that had left the attraction early and their nervousness built up our anticipation. If it had been my first visit to Manormortis I would say that it would have been a shame to travel around in the dark as you would miss all the beautiful artwork on both the building and the actors, however for me as a previous visitor the darkness made the experience! It was also very refreshing not to have to go around a scare attraction in a big group, which is one thing that Scare Kingdom seems to be leading the way on. It would have been lovely to get more of a story line as to why there were vampires in the manor, or to learn about the different vampires in the attraction as from what I could tell, the characters had been drawn from all over the world. It was have also been great to spend more time in the attraction, as at Christmas time. It was have been fantastic if accompanied by another attraction, like at Halloween. However this did give us time to visit Psychomanteum.... Oh!!!!! I don't think I am able to describe my true feelings on a public page without being censored for rudeness, but I left running, screaming and flapping my arms in terror as well as feeling slightly...excited. The only issue I have now is the one of my friends was too scared to go through Psychomanteum and is now sorely regretting it - I'm going to have to listen to her complaining until Halloween when she can go again!! If only there was a public holiday in the summer that could be used! FANTASTIC!

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- 16th Feb, 2014
More more more please :D Amazing!!! Absolutely love this attraction. Think you know Manormortis? Think again. Darkness, vampires win win win!!!

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- 14th Feb, 2014
Haaaa amazing! Loved the (shall we say) little surprise at the beginning. Wasn't expecting that and totally enjoyed the experience. I thought vampires would be cheesey but this totally works and v. scary! and yey for Halloween in Feb!

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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