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Location: Ormskirk
Description: Farmaggedon is a “Scream Park”, an interactive horror experience. The whole park is themed with roaming zombies and creatures of the night.

The park contains three interactive horror houses; bigger, better and badder than ever……

TERROR ON THE FARM is the original mausoleum of mayhem. A labyrinth of corridors, crypts, caverns…..and many of your worst nightmares. Stick together, keep heading forward and maybe, just maybe you will make your way through our labyrinth and live to tell the tale.

InsaniTy is a different experience altogether, preying on all 6 of your senses, flaunting your phobias and leaving you a shadow of your former self.

Enter PSYCHOSIS and your reality soon becomes the intruder!! Surrender your senses and prepare to lose your grip on life as slowly your torment unfolds….and we take your mind!!! Featuring new for 2011 “Dead End”.

Farmaggedon is forged in Hell but conveniently located on the B5195, just off the Formby bypass. Our address is Flatmans Lane, Ormskirk, L39 7HW

4.7/5.0 Our rating

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- 03rd Sep, 2012
I've been to farmaggedon a few times, and each year they bring it back! My friends and I get terrified each time, and I can't wait to come back this year! Already got my tickets! Highly recommended to any horror lover!

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- 02nd Sep, 2012
The best Scare attraction that this country has to offer!I have only seen this sort of thing in the USA.Well done guys I have my tickets for 2012 and cant wait.

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- 29th Aug, 2012
weve got our tickets for 2012! i cant explain how excited we all are as each yr it imporoves hopefully no nightmares this year pmsl

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- 02nd Aug, 2012
If you love a good scare, I would recommend this for you. Its worth every penny. Very interactive,

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- 30th Jul, 2012
We took the whole family last year, had the best time ever, the kids cant wait for this halloween to come to they can visit again. Farmaggedon - making Halloween the new Christmas. - Stacey

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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