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Location: Rotherham
Description: Was located in the Playhouse Theatre and ran from the 15th to the 18th of March 2012, Scarytales Live will took your favourite childhood stories and nursary ryhmes and gave them a very sinister twist. The event was totally non-profit and all proceeds went to the Sheffield Childrens Hospital.

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- 29th Jul, 2012
ScaryTales takes the characters from classic and contemporary fairy tales, with bizarre twists and excitingly freaky interaction. Once upon a time Terror Attractions visited on the 15th march for the media night to bring you the most exclusive review available. On entrance to the theatre we made ourselves relatively comfortable with a drink in the bar, while watching the trailer for the attraction. The film was short and tastefully made of little red riding hood on a killing spree. We were able to see the previous groups exit from the bar area with much approving looks on their faces. Our turn next.... Our group consisted of six, rounded up by the storyteller who gave us the usual do's and dont's with quirky remarks. We began our adventure by stepping through an old, worn out wardrobe, still equipped with moth eaten cardigans. This was a nice concept fitting the fairy tale theme perfectly and giving the impression that we were stepping into a nightmarish Narnia. For the first few minutes of the show the sets had plainly white cloths hung over clearly visible railings with a bit of blood here and there. And the first interactive scare was a little dull, with a life size gingerbread man who politely told us how we were all going to die. Unfortunately he did not make me want to 'run run as fast as I can' However, once past all the white sheets, the strobe lighting took effect and things really started to get going. One of Terror Attractions most favourite part of ScaryTales is the interaction between the actors and the audience. The actors are obviously hugely talented, and supported by a chilling script they pull the audience into personal dilemmas creating confusion, discomfort and paranoia. One fantastic example of this was when we entered a room with a big table set up for a tea party where we were invited to take a seat and sip from our teacups with a bloodied Alice and a very mad Mad Hatter. From room to room we went, up and down stairs and through murky corridors, meeting a seductive Red Riding Hood, sitting down with Punch and Judy, and escaping the clutches of the Child Catcher who tried to lure one of us away with a lollipop in a room full of missing children posters. As an audience we were not rushed through, the show lasted approximately 15 minutes which was impressive. We were made to feel part of the show instead of just innocent souls passing by. Once through the first few minutes ScaryTales is exciting, new and freakishly scary. The theatrical elements were subtle and gripping throughout. On numerous occasions the actors touched and sniffed us this gave a more intimidating feel to the attraction - which is a positive! at one point when an actress grabbed my ankle I felt very nervous as to where she might be heading next! Considering this was a non profit show, with all proceeds going to charity, ScaryTales was designed at a high standard and GNG should be proud of such a creation which has obviously required a huge amount of effort. Terror Attractions recommend this attraction to all! We felt it was well worth the long journey and would definitely do it again! We look forward to GNG's next production, as they seem to be getting better and better! Congratulations to all who worked on ScaryTales! Terror attractions rating 9/10

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