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Location: West End London
Description: The Show

Seen by over 350,000 people worldwide, Ghost Stories is truly an extraordinary theatrical experience. Written and directed by The League of Gentlemen's master of the macabre, Jeremy Dyson, and Andy Nyman, co-creator and director of Derren Brown's television and stage shows, Ghost Stories mixes the very best of theatre with the buzz of a thrill-ride, delivering something truly unique. With some new moments of shock, this show will make you laugh and scream in equal measure.

Ghost Stories is a stage fright like no other - 80 rollercoaster minutes of thrilling, chilling laughs that you won’t want to miss... Are you brave enough to book for the scariest fun you’ll ever have in a theatre?

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- 13th Jun, 2014
On Wednesday the 16th of April and friend and I went to see 'Ghost Stories' in London. First I will say this, the show scared me silly. There are certain parts of it that I found incredibly disturbing and from the very start I was physically shaking like a leaf! There are a few reviews online which claim the show is not scary at all, well if you watch things with an ironic indifference then of course they’re not going to affect you. I am not one of those people who can just let things wash over me, water off a ducks back so to speak. I let it soak in and I was left having had an experience that was both horrifying and hugely exhilarating. OK, so, walking down the stairs to our seats, which were dangerously close to the front, a creepy sense of foreboding crawled into my stomach. If it wasn’t the seemingly random numbers scrawled on the walls that immediately put me on edge then the ominous rumble and drip, drip, drip over the speakers definitely did. I was so looking forward to being scared, but I was genuinely convinced that the most they would get from me was a few jumps and maybe a tiny shriek of delight, I was monstrously wrong. The show opens with the entrance of a professor who proceeds to give the audience a lecture on the paranormal, complete with slideshow, it was this very slideshow that eventually gave me the actual fright of my life later on in the show, but I digress. The professor tells us about three ‘paranormal’ experiences that struck a chord with him and the rest of the show consists of these experiences brought to life. Like I said before, from the very opening of the show I found myself shaking almost uncontrollably, goodness knows what the man sitting next to me thought. There was not a point in the show where I could truly relax, I was always waiting for the next scare, but whilst it was honestly terrifying I was loving every minute. I don’t know if I actually screamed, I think I was too scared to utter a sound, but I was hiding behind my program at frequent intervals and at one point had my fingers in my ears and my eyes tightly shut. Now at the very end of the show a creepy voice over tells everyone not to reveal the secrets of ‘Ghost Stories’ which I haven’t but I will say this, the special effects are awesome, if you let it, it will scare you silly and even if you don’t it’s a horrifically good experience to have. After the show I swore I wouldn’t watch it again but having had a month to get over it, because apparently that’s how much I needed, I will probably be booking another round of frightening fun soon.

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