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 Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2014 : Public Reviews
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Location: Blackburn
Description: 6 New attractions for 2014

Home of the UK's Sickest Scare Attraction

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- 02nd Nov, 2014
Scare Kingdom has really upped its game this year with each attraction. Previous years I have found that there tends to be a focus on one scare zone with the others being a bit of a filler this year however I thought each scare zone had a real intensity. The oubliette is just ridiculously scary and catches you so off guard and is great way to start the attraction. Another highlight for me was the asylum genuinely disorientating, scary and most of all fun. I think scare kingdom really manages that balance between scary and fun, which other parks even the biggies like Farmageddon fall down. The brings me last to Psychomanteum, personally the scariest part of this is the wait to go in and once in let the sickness commence. I can't say this is enjoyable, more of an endurance test seemingly combining elements from some of the extreme American haunts. It does feel good though coming out and not saying the safe word! On the whole I would thoroughly recommend the attraction!

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- 29th Oct, 2014
Some really nice scares here and also an extreme attraction were you go through alone...very tense! The only thing I didnt like was its very muddy and dark. It would be nice to have a few food areas around the park were you can stop and rest.

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Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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