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 Yorkshire Scare Grounds : Public Reviews
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Location: Yorkshire
Description: Enjoy your freedom while it lasts as Fear Masters Entertainment invites you to test your nerve at the brand new Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park.

A year in the making, the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park is a permanent new attraction by the Fear Masters and is based just minutes from Wakefield city centre, West Yorkshire.

The Park is a gigantic 23 acre site that houses not one but six unique attractions all for one single ticket price.

At the Yorkshire Scare Grounds the scares are bigger, the horror is intensified and your time there will feel like an eternity in hell.

With authentic sets, static and hydraulic props, live actors, stunning costumes, special effects, disturbing atmospheres and some secret surprises, Halloween 2011 may very well be your last.

For further details, dates, opening times and to book tickets visit the link below.

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- 12th Nov, 2012
A brilliant night,went last year and enjoyed it but this year was awesome...highly recommended.

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- 09th Nov, 2012
Excellent, far more well organised than last year. Liked the 'theme' which carried throughout the attraction. Ward 13 had me at the entrance cos couldnt see a thing so was on edge throughout....acotrs appeared from nowhere!!!

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- 08th Nov, 2012
ive seen more meat on a butcher apron!..wont be going again.

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- 06th Nov, 2012
much better than last year, better organised and much more scary!

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- 05th Nov, 2012
nah sorry not for me. how do i get a refund?

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- 03rd Nov, 2012
a few times i jumped but my girlfriend more scary, she really is so i dont scare easy

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- 29th Oct, 2012
Complete waste of time, website awful, no contact numbers for queries, ignore messages, and the event and people useless.

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- 20th Oct, 2012
Great evening at Yorkshire Scare Grounds.

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- 28th Sep, 2012
Lord fear is evil scary man, haha heard on radio for this year sounds epic guys

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- 19th Sep, 2012
a great evening wont be ablt to make this years as im off to florida for horror nights but will still miss this one im sure

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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