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Location: Watford
Description: This year Scarenation presents “The Factory of Fear – OUTBREAK”.

Following years of research into the demented suffering inflicted on the residents of The Factory of Fear, Sir Peter Tartarus has finally uncovered the truth!

An obscure dormant gene has been identified as the source of the agony within their tormented minds and the race is on to find a cure. More worryingly Sir Peter and his team have discovered that, after hundreds of years, the gene has mutated and is likely to have spread to the wider population, an OUTBREAK of unbearable proportions has taken place.

Sir Peter has called upon the help of his most trusted medical colleagues, many of whom have been with him for over 200 years and an in-house facility has been set up at The Factory to test members of the public.

Final preparations are underway for The Factory of Fear to be opened to the general population so that Sir Peter can assess the extent of the OUTBREAK and identify and detain those afflicted.

Initial testing will begin on Friday October 24th 2014 and people are urged to book their appointment as soon as possible, if you dare!

We are currently running an “Early Bird” offer - £5 off each ticket until the 30th September no discount code required the price is adjusted automatically at the ticket purchase. Visit Attraction website below for more info...

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- 26th Oct, 2014
Went to scarenation event last night 25,10,2014 at aspley paper mill when we turned up looked like it would be a good frightnight prebooked so never had to get in but then stood round waiting to go through and some of the actors were walking round but trying to start getting you on edge but mme and 3 other people I went with all agreed that a yuong lad dressedup with a bit of makeup and blood on him comeing up in youre face staring at you then shouting shut up at you is more annoying then scarey , so then after having this before even properly started hoped things would improve but unfortunately it never , all stages were well put together well but thought they missed out scaring uson all the bits I was realy expecting to be jumped out on , to be honest thought the older actors all played there parts well but the younger ones let them down by just shouting in peoples faces. (Not scary just annoying ) £20 pound for what I experienced was not money well spent very disappointed .would I go to another event ????

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 26th Oct, 2014
One of the best scare attractions, much better than fright night at Thorpe park and its much cheaper at Scarenation

Visit attraction again: Yes


Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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