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Location: TBC
Description: Go hand to claw with these ferocious beasts.

The Werewolf Survival Experience is an event designed to stretch your imagination and freak you out.

We will distort reality and replace normality with a most vile foe.

This event is designed to pit your wits and tenacity against a maverick pack of werewolves.

From the team that brought you Zombie Boot Camp and the Asylum experiences. Week on week, stag groups and hen parties turn up for these crazed events. The dark changes everything and the atmosphere becomes electric.

Some stag groups hold it together, other stag groups crumble and hen parties surprisingly seem more violent than the men. Complete the Werewolf Survival Experience and live to tell the tale.

Be warned! The werewolves do not take prisoners. This ultimate night time horror survival experience will leave you wanting more.

What would happen if your worst nightmare came true? The Werewolf Experience is loosely based on a virus that has mutated from Rabies. Fast moving agile Werewolves unlike Zombies are able to plan, communicate and strike when you least expect it. Your only defence is team work, communication and the planning the use lethal force.

Our team of military instructors will teach you some basic tactics and survival techniques. Hit hard, stay in formation and don’t separate! There is no room for lone heroes as they get dead quick or worse still get captured. The werewolves will torture and torment captives and slowly lead you into a trap.

The Werewolf Survival Experience is the only full contact Werewolf themed horror experience in the UK. We ONLY do this event in the dark. Be prepared to get stuck in and fight for your survival. Wolfmen it is not for the fainthearted. Many a group has been defeated by the ferocity of the attack.

This is one of our most popular experiences.Ideal for couples, groups of mates or stag groups or hen parties.

All Werewolf bashing kit and equipment with instruction is included in price.

Werewolf Fighting Training Session 1: Riot training teaches you how to hold a riot shield and fight with a riot baton. You are now part of trained security intervention team.

Werewolf Fighting Training Session 2: Close Quarter Battle training with paint guns. Learn the techniques to stay alive from our team of army instructors. All you need to survive is teamwork, courage and determination. Be careful you never know what may be hiding around the corner.

Once your training is complete, be prepared to be thrown into chaos as you battle to fight the werewolves and their contaminated, demented allies.

Mission 1: Find and Fix: We will throw you into one of the most insane experiences of your lives. You will deploy by vehicle to the gates of the infestation, where evil awaits. Grip your gun, conserve your ammunition and prepare to do battle. You will put your training to the test as you clear the werewolves’ lair.

Mission 2: Search and Destroy: Will this nightmare ever end? It’s now time to use the intervention tactics. You will be split down into small teams and be tasked to clear 20,000 square feet of pitch black misery. A seemingly endless sequence of close combat situations. Our scenarios are designed to challenge participants. You and your team mates will have to fight through and survive. The infected inmates will do their best to hinder you and distract you. The werewolves will lie in wait, ready to ambush. Out of the dark the werewolves will pounce throw you to the ground and attempt to drag your team mates away. A chilling action packed conclusion to an incredible horror survival event.

Mission 3: Rescue! For those stag groups, hen parties or groups of mates who have got what it takes, the instructors may allow and additional bonus mission.

This final mission will really test your metal without any tuition or guidance you will be thrown back into battle. Find your lost team mate, follow the screams for help. Fight back to back with nothing more than a baton and courage as you located the cell your friend his locked in.

During and between missions, our on-site photographer will capture images of the chaos. After the final de-briefing you will get the chance to meet the Werewolves and be photographed together. A perfect memento of your evening. A reminder of how you and your friends stood shoulder to shoulder against the beast.

Price: £99 per person
Duration: Up to 3.5 hours
Group Size: 1-24
Minimum Age: 16+

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Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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