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 Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park: Public Reviews
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Location: Blackburn

Reborn for the Halloween season in 2012, LuciFEAR and his Heraldemons unleash four all new indoor and outdoor scare attractions for thrill seekers and families . Gone are the storytelling attractions from earlier years as the park ramps up the fright factor with FULL on FEAR with a twisted combination of live scareactors, special effects, and immersive horror environments which create a four dimensional assault on the senses.

Enter the rancid Inbreeds Impound Scare Zone where a family of serial killers lure the unwary into their rust-ridden Slaughter Shed. Explore a post-apocalyptic war zone where resistant rebel forces are struggling against a hoard of half-human mutants in Apocalypse 2012. Go bsackstage in The Theatre of Gore Guignol where blood-crazed horrors still tread the boards of a once grand Parisian theatre house. Make an appointment with death in Gaunt Hill Asylum where fear will be pushed to the limit to bring guests the most intense scare experience in the park's history; you are 'bound' to scream. Meet The Pendle Witches, watch as The Possessed Statue comes to life and regain your sanity in our licensed Fright Bar.

Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park is situated at Hawkshaw Farm Park at the home of Mrs. Dowson's Ice Cream, minutes from the M6 junction 31 on the A59 near Preston and Blackburn.

Open on selected nights between October 13th and November 3rd inclusive. Advance booking essential. Unlike other UK scream parks, Scare Kingdom operates timed entry, meaning queues are virtually eliminated.

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- 28th Nov, 2012
no queues which was a bonus as we previously visited an event in london that required hours of queuing. The attractions were highly detailed and many scare along the way. cant wait for next year

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- 20th Nov, 2012
Magical, scary, aggresive, scream park scare kingdom is simply the best.

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- 05th Nov, 2012
Great event all round. Apocalypse was amazing great sets and the actors made it intense.Can't wait for next year.

Visit attraction again: No
- 05th Nov, 2012
Roll on next year at scare kingdom. Bad ass scares to make you run like a wuss

Visit attraction again: No
- 01st Nov, 2012
Been for 3 years in a row, it was TOTALLY different this year which stopped it getting boring, they had some classic scares like chainsaws and strobe maze but some really cool stuff like a double decker bus and this one guy peels his face off, pretty cool. Just wish it was longer.

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- 30th Oct, 2012
Wasnt better than last year but better than the year before. There was some intense moments where i though i would shit myself. lol

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- 30th Oct, 2012
It was my second visit last night as I had already gone with the ladie's on Friday.It was still scary as I clinged to my fella as the hillbilly people chased us with the chainsaw lol but noticed that some of the actors had changed and were not as good to be honest. We still had a good night but the theatre house didn't seem as good and the army guy in the zombie maze at the start didn't hardly say anything this time which was a let down as he had ripped my friends to pieces ( lol in a good way ) with remarks on our previous visit. The last house is still a major plus and the baby/man hahaha is still really freaky and I will never EVER get used to being touched in there creepy. Overall good night but last week was better.

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- 22nd Oct, 2012
Wasn't prepared for this at all. Been loads of otherplaces for the last few years but this place takes u places u won't forget for a very long time U have to see it well done to all involved. We will be back next year

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- 21st Oct, 2012
Scare Kingdom is the best. really really enjoyed last night.

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- 20th Oct, 2012
Had a good night but not as good as last year, acting not as good, just the people at front saw most of the scares, bit dissapointed really. but had a laugh.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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