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Location: London
Description: NEW LOCATION 2013 OPENING MARCH 1st 2013

Fear is a funny thing...

The Dungeons brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. Itís hilarious fun and itís sometimes a bit scary.

We love it. We know you will too. Here's why:

a huge NEW Dungeon between Big Ben and the EDF Energy London Eye
18 all NEW shows, 20 live actors
state of the art theming and special effects
two awesome underground rides
laughs, screams and cutting edge storytelling

We're the black comedy of attractions; dark, atmospheric and very very funny.

Enter the world of The Dungeons and take a journey with twists, turns, screams and laughter Ė a fun day out, unlike any other.

3.9/5.0 Our rating

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- 14th Apr, 2013

Ok, as with all my reviews this will contain spoilers so if youíve not been yet and donít want all the fun spoilt then Iíll sum it up first. Yes, itís very good! One thing to consider though is the time that you visit. Try and avoid peak times. During school holidays this is 10am until 6pm(ish) as youíll have a long wait to get in. Also be aware that there is a queue inside that you wonít see from the outside and this can be an hour long in itself! If you can go off peak and in a smaller group than I did (46 in my group) then youíll get more enjoyment from your visit as youíll be able to see more. The general effects are of a high standard and the sets are really well detailed. Also be aware that the place is full of stairs. Onto the full review so spoilers ahead---

First up and before you reach the ticket office (and after the photo point) is THE CORIDOR OF MISDEMEANOURS which is where the main queue takes place. This is full of things to read and touch with a few of the doors containing some effects (look out for the axe man) but with little to no lighting, some of the boards were impossible to read. Take a torch! Next was DESCENT which is a lift into the basement. An actor tells you want to expect inside the dungeon, but with another member of staff wandering about, the atmosphere was killed. There was also no actor inside the lift as originally planned (I saw a rehearsal for it). You can see the climax coming a mile off. HENERYíS WRATH is next and is the boat ride. Better than the old one, you can actually see things here although some of the effects were not working (the fire cart didnít move). Brian blessedís Henry the 8th was very good, but you pass him too quickly to hear what he says (itís replayed in the gift shop of all places!). The end drop isnít as big as the old one either.

Onto THE CITY GATES and this is a very high set with the actor way up top. Kind of funny, but as he starts when the first boat gets in, he repeats who and what he is several times before the gates open (and this gets very boring after a while and you can tell the actor is just running through his lines). CONSPIRATORS WALK sets the scene for the GUY FALKES section. Thereís quite a long walk between this and the effects scene. Quite funny and the end effect was very unexpected! THE TORTURER is next and is a very good set but pretty much the same as the old Dungeon set with a few surprises if you end up in the cages. PLAGUE HOUSE was another long walk through a decent set. COUGHUNí COFFIN is a face projected scene which is predictable. PLAGUE DOCTOR is the old surgery set and pretty much the same. Look out for those seats! BAZALGETTEíS SEWER is another long walk. THE PIE SHOP is a sweet smelling set that tells the story of Sweeny Todd (kind off) and you can see whatís going to happen a mile off. SWEENY TODD is the same as before. JACK THE RIPPER is the same kind of street scene as before and tells the story well. WHITECHAPEL LABYRINTH is the mirror maze with some very effective sound effects. THE TEN BELLS PUB is the same as before but much bigger and this looses out due to its size.

THE COURTROOM JUDGE is the same as ever. Preview pictures had 2 wax dummies by the main actor judge, but these have gone. If youíve seen this in another Dungeon then youíve seen this one! NEWGATE GALLOWS sets the scene for the drop ride and if they pick someone who plays along well (like they did on my visit) then this is very funny! DROP DEAD is the drop ride and not as good as the old one. Yes, itís bigger and you start at the top, but it seems to drop without any hint itís going to (some people may like that though) and itís just black down the bottom. They could have put some effects in, other than the hanging dummies that you almost donít see, then youíre into the photo bit and the shop. A nice touch here is that you hear some of the speeches from the talking heads that you may have missed and above the exit door are two projected heads having an argument, then one starts singing ďAlways Look on the Bright Side of LifeĒ which sums the new Dungeon up perfectly.

All in all, well worth a visit, just avoid peak times and try for a smaller group. Decent effects, very good sets and if Iím honest, actors who were just running through their lines as they have a strict time limit to stick to which kind of hurts things a bit, but not too much.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 23rd Mar, 2013
Top standard attraction in London. prefer to the old one. Well done dungeons and a great creation. We will be back.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 03rd Mar, 2013
Not very scary, but the dungeons arnt about the scares, its more about the fun and education aspect. Definitely better than the Old London Dungeons & Blackpool. I would go again.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 28th Feb, 2013
Just back from a VIP backstage tour of the NEW London Dungeons. Money well spent and great fun! Everyone is in for a lovely treat at this new venue.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 18th Oct, 2012

3 visits in 3 days (that should tell you something) and each one slightly different. The first visit was the best, just because I didn't know what was coming up. I'll break down my visit by going through the attraction map.

Crypt. The old "town under seige" bit. Decorated for halloween with pumpkins etc. Looked great. The "rat run" was disapointing because on two of my visits, the rats were sleeping!

Labyrinth of Lost Souls. A decent mirror maze. Only on my 3rd visit were we allowed to do the full circuit.

Plague. Scare free show. Just an actor. Great sets though.

Great Fire of London. Just a film. Nothing else. Was far better in it's old possition later in the Dungeon. Surgery, Blood and Guts. Quite a good show this one. Decent effects and an actor who says nothing. Good "jump" ending too. Torture. Another standard show. Good audience participation, but no scares. Judge. it's been there for ages. 3 people get picked on. Played for laughs really. Bedlam. The only really scary part of the whole Dungeon. Pitch black, strobe light and someone to go "boo" Trator. Another attraction that's been there for years. Too dark to be scary as you really can't see much of anything.. This was much better when it first opened in the 90's.

Sweeny Todd. This one was quite good. Decent effects and great atmosphere. Bit of a naff ending that left everyone wondering what was going on.

Vengence.The big 5D ride. Fun, but not scary in the slightest. A good laugh though with some unxpected jumps, but not because of the screen.

Jack the Ripper. A 3 part show. The first part isn't really needed and spoilt by being able to hear Vengence whiring in the background. Part 2 was good, but too dark to see much. the 3rd part was brilliant! If I hadn't gone twice after, I'd have been left wondering how they did it. great acting and effects made this one a highlight. Just try and go around in a small group to really get to soak up all the effects of this one. Bloody Mary. the york Dungeon does this one better (it's more compact and therefore more effective) Cheap jump at the end, but othewise standard show. Then you go throught e old great fire of London tunnel) Etremis. It's a drop ride. I'd never been on one before so was looking forward to this. Even after the third go, I was surprised at just how effective this is!

Overall, it's nowhere near as scary as it used to be. As a scare attraction, it pretty much fails these day. But as a bit of fun, it's great and well worth a visit.

Visit attraction again: No
- 30th Sep, 2012
Very poor attraction, expensive, queues too long and boring. Not scary or even entertaining in the slightest.

Visit attraction again: No
- 20th Sep, 2012
Me and my boyfriend visited this, it was very good! The actors were very realistic and stayed in character throughout. A good day out for any age.

Visit attraction again: No
- 04th Sep, 2012
Overall it wasn't too scary, but some of the parts did give me a fright! Jack the Ripper nearly ripped my face off! I'm glad i went, if anything i learnt alot :D

Visit attraction again: No
- 02nd Aug, 2012
Completely dumbstruck at how bad this was!

Visit attraction again: No


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