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 Hop Farm FREAK WEEK: Public Reviews
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Location: Kent
Description: Visit The Hop Farm in the heart of historic Kent
countryside this Halloween for the fright of your life. Freak Week is
back bigger and better than ever before. Freak Week Fright nights offer
you five new spine tingling attractions to scare the living daylights
out of you. Also watch out for our Scare actors roaming around the park
ready to pounce at any second. Freak Week 2012 runs from 6:00pm till
late every night from the 25th - 31st October. So turn your pace makers
on.. get your running boots ready and enter at your own peril!!

4.6/5.0 Our rating

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- 23rd Nov, 2012
A visit this year with my boyfriend led to 3 nights of nightmares but was a brilliant and we love the chainsaw dudes! x

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- 21st Nov, 2012
Theres freaks, theres gore and we loved every minute!

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- 13th Nov, 2012
This was our first time at Freak Week & I must say how great it was & can't wait till next year. Darn you to go !!!

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- 10th Nov, 2012
This is my second year at freak week. Last year was brilliant. This year was even better. I screamed so much I lost my voice both times! I can't wait for next. Good work freak team!

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- 10th Nov, 2012
I visited Freak week for the very first time this year. And had a brilliant time! I came out of the slaughter house crying, broke a nail in the hatch and very nearly threw up watching the freak show. It was all worth it. Loved the band and the whole atmosphere. And enjoyed the actors walking around the farm. I have spent the last 5 halloweens at Tullys Farm but will definatly be returning to Freak week next year. Absoloutly brilliant :)

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- 08th Nov, 2012
A brilliant night with 5 terrifying attractions, live band, bar and rides - great atmosphere and awesome acting......would definetely recomend but be prepared to be scared!!!

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- 08th Nov, 2012
Went there a bit sceptical about what it was all about but thought it was an amazing show with some truely scary attractions. If you haven't yet been you need to. Really really enjoyable yet scary at the same time!

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- 08th Nov, 2012
Slaughter house - Scary, but that fact that you end up bumping into other people who are ahead of you takes the scary away. Also, some of actors actually tried leading you the right way - but it's a maze isn't it? Fun House - Awesome, 3D effect brilliant for the unexpected - wish it could have been much longer. Quarantine - Very good, love the claustrophobic effect it had. Underground - My fave, scared the life out of me. Darkness is always the common fear. In all, very good and dedicated actors and well thought out attractions -loved it!

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- 07th Nov, 2012
so much to do here it was incredible. from the small scare maze you walk through to the payment desk, hot cider, the fantastic roaming clowns and the great snak cart offering grubs and rats to people then place really was buzzing with entertainment. the live band was doing a good job entertaining, the actors doing a good job scaring and the many food outlets doing a good job satisfying there was a thick atmosphere and alot to take in for such a small location.

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- 01st Nov, 2012
Class in a glass I want to go back big thanks

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