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 Screamland 2016: Public Reviews
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Location: Dreamland, Margate
Description: • The multi-award winning Screamland, the region’s largest scare festival returns for a second year running at Dreamland Margate.
• Dubbed “The best scare event on any UK park”, Screamland will more terrifying than ever, providing even more reason to discover the fully immersive scare experience.
• Friday and Saturday nights from 14th October to 29th October. Early Bird Prices available.
• All the fun of the scare, as well as unlimited use of the rides.
• For more info, visit https://www.dreamland.co.uk/screamland/

The multi-award winning Screamland is back and more terrifying than ever! “The best scare event on any UK park”, will be all the fun of the scare. For the second year in a row, Dreamland will be transformed into Screamland with fully immersive scare experiences throughout the park, as well as unlimited use of all the favourite rides.

Eddie Kemsley, CEO Dreamland says:
After the phenomenal success of its first year, the multi-award winning Screamland is back, bigger and better than ever! The Dreamland programming team is once again thrilled to deliver a scare festival like no other for 2016. With more immersive mazes and attractions than you can shake a stick at, Screamland will terrify even the hardest of scare enthusiasts, making it the place to be for the Halloween season.

Jason Karl, Creative Director of Screamland says:
We have spent the last 6 months thinking ‘out of the coffin’ to really push the envelope this coming season, with more scare attractions and entertainment than during our first year. Mixing brand new effects, technologies and live performance, there will be something to make everyone ‘scream’ with delight at Screamland 2016.

Screamland will run Friday and Saturday nights from 14th October to 29th October and as night falls, the park will mutate into an experience of five fully themed interactive and immersive scare mazes that are incredibly detailed, real world environments and cleverly play on the different elements of Dreamland’s history. From “Festino’s Forgotten Funhouse” based on an old style travelling freak show by a crazed showman, echoing the site’s days as Hall By The Sea, (prior to becoming Dreamland in 1920), through to “The Final Cut Presents – They Came From Outer Space” which places guests inside a sci-fi film fear fest, all set in Dreamland’s Dark Space under the Dreamland Cinema. Plus the all-new “Paradise Foundation”, which presents a sinister ‘wellness’ centre with a macabre twist…

More sideshows and characters will be bringing Screamland to life for the second year. Join Punchinello, the King of Halloween and his sinister seneschal, Terrorsina, as they weave their wicked magic over Dreamland, whilst The Freed Radicals will urge you to join the rebellion to “Dismiss BLISS”, the treatment in The Paradise Foundation.

The theatre of the event will be delivered by over 60 professional actors, trained in the art of scare acting and many of who will be recruited locally in Thanet. Audition days will be announced shortly.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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