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 Hallowscream 2016 : Public Reviews
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Location: York Maze
Description: Hallowscream at York Maze is a terrifyingly entertaining night of fear and fun with 5 separate live action haunted house attractions. But be warned the frights aren't limited to the haunted houses! We serve a wide range of food and drink, along with our zombie themed exit bar, where you can get an alcoholic drink after the event to calm your nerves!!
Hallowscream is based on a farm where a terrible tragedy occured back in 1873, and the restless souls who died on that night return each Halloween to torment those who dare to visit.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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