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Location: Blackpool, Showzam Feb 2012
Description: CarnEVIL of Horrors, a family scare attraction produced for Showzam by AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group closed to great reviews this week as hundreds of thrill seekers made their way to the Winter Gardens to experience a quirky fright filled family experience based on a long forgotten carnival…

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- 29th Jul, 2012
he Winter Gardens Blackpool hosts the CarnEVIL of Horrors where AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group (AEG) presents Showzam`s first scare attraction. Valentino Diablo, accompanied by his bearded lady, introduces us to his circus sideshow with intimidating energy and tales of bloodthirsty killer clowns. We are left to wander through the passageways and rooms alone, nervous, and completely unprepared. You dont know when the next scare will be and how to get to it either. It is eerily confusing. The CarnEVIL Of Horrors provides characters whos expectations are met with surprising twists. Throughout the menacing madness we meet a variety of characters; Alura has a piercing surprise, Dandini the ventriloquists dummy makes nightmares come true, and the magician entraps us in a weird and wonderful freakish experiment. But wait, thats not all… when Madame Phantasma invited us to come closer, I took one look at her and wanted to run out of there and jump off the end of Blackpool pier! She is entrancing, hideous, but then also absurdly beautiful; like something plucked from the Rocky Horror Show thats gone repulsively wrong. There is so much more to see inside this freakishly fearsome attraction, with something around every corner you cant trust anything….not even the walls! The passageways were spacious, and didn`t create the claustrophobia that we have seen AEGs indoor attractions use in the past. Yet again AEG’s costume and makeup are flawless and the sound effects are technically superb. The CarnEvil Of Horrors is full or startling surprises, fusing freaky scares with magic, illusion, and even a little comedy. It is a horror hybrid fit to scare all of Blackpool`s families away.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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