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Location: Warrington
Description: Fun By Day
The fun by day event is aimed at all the family. Our 'spooky' attractions include the Haunted Hayride - a journey through the forbidden forest, the Field of Screams - a path through our creepy corn maze, and Quarantine a disused research facility! In addition to our spooks, we also have a wide range of side attraction available during the day! These include the Corn Cannon, Fence Maze, Roller Skating, Archery, Jumping Pillow and much more! All of which is included in your entrance fee.

Back for 2012 - Unlimited Access to the Spooks during the day!
Those visiting during the day get unlimited access of the Field of Screams, Quarantine and... The Haunted Hayride (voted for as the family favorite at Spooky World in 2010!). Please note, if you wish to stay into the evening you may. However, for the 'scare attractions' you will need to purchase 'top up tickets', as during Scary at Night we operate a ticketed admission system.

Scary at Night
The scary at night event is aimed at an older audience. Only the very brave should enter as its a whole different park after dark! All the scares are made as scary as possible! This year there are 4 to choose from, including 1 new brand new attraction.

Quarantine - an out of control research facility.
Franko's Fun House (NEW) - This fun house only opens up, after dark.
The Haunted Hayride - a trip through our forbidden forest
The Field of Screams - the corn has been inhabited by some shocking characters, and this year there's a twisted twist at the end.

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- 09th Dec, 2012
Had a fun time here but the shows lacked umph! I think it needs more improvements but it was enjoyable and slightly scary.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 19th Nov, 2012
utter rubbish!

Visit attraction again: No
- 19th Oct, 2012
Visited spookyworld twice. First time was three years ago. When we went the park was empty, no ques. I admit I found it scary. Lots of actors roaming around... not the same now. The place is rammed with 'kids' average age is 13. Qued for and average 40 mins for the hayride, 50 for the maize and an hour an 15 for quarantine. Was it worth it? no. The only thing entertaining was the kids that walked through in our group referring us to adults and pooing their pants. Really really poor, but they won't improve it as they are aiming for teenagers now. Who can blame them? the place was rammed and they made a fortune. Will save this for taking our kids in the future and book early next year for Farmaggedon - now that looks terrifying and worth our money. Also has a STRICT age limit!

Visit attraction again: No
- 16th Oct, 2012
cannnot get over so many negative comments on here! i went 2 years ago and thought it was absolutely BRILLIANT fun! my sister and i can't wait to go again! i recommended it to so many people...several friends went who came back and said what a great time they'd had too! really great! would recommend!

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- 14th Oct, 2012
Fantastic evening, would recommend people upgrade to the RIP worth every penny, jumped all the queues, staff extremely helpful and informative, also went behind the scenes in Quarantine and scared the customers-absolutely hilarious.our 12 year old daughter loved it. Once you have had a guided tour around the attractions had something to eat and gone behind the scenes the evening is yours to revisit the attractions on a fast track - excellent value for money!

Visit attraction again: No
- 14th Oct, 2012
have to agree with Rhian here, very bad, proabably should be closed down as its not serious..

Visit attraction again: No
- 04th Sep, 2012
Ive put not scary on this attraction as i thought it was meant for adults, unfortunately i could have taken my kids to this who would have enjoyed alot more. Spooky world has great space to use but was not utilised, I think we seen the same character 2 or 3 times and once seen was forgotten. great for kids not for adults.

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- 04th Sep, 2012
I've visited various scare attractions numerous times worldwide, all that can be said is that I personally was expecting a lot more from Spookyworld, there is definitely some potential here, I just felt that it was aimed more towards a family day out, than the die hard scream park fans that want to be scared senseless. With this in mind it did affect the way in which the scares worked during my visit, most of the actors I got to see were either just not scary at all or caught of guard. a good day out for the family (especially the kids) but not the scream factor that I was expecting. I am visiting again this year though so lets hope they have some nasty surprises in store, and have ironed out those minor creases, and start to move Spookyworld out of the shadows of its competitors.

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- 03rd Sep, 2012
Cant believe that this is getting sooo many negative comments on here when me and my family thought it was fantastic! Keep up the good work Spooky world xxx

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- 03rd Sep, 2012
I went last year - all I can say is - AWEFUL Field of screams, the only screams were complaints about how dangerous it was slipping and sliding in the mud, was walking for ages saw all of 2 actors! Each section was really under staff - - total let down for the money paid. Only good thing was the hayride, which had potential. But the attractions, actors makeup etc could be a lot better. However I wont be returning!!!

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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