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Location: Blackburn

This Halloween season Scare Kingdom Scream Park returns for its ninth year of fear, with a brand new slate of scare attractions and experiences for daring families, thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies and courageous kids.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park, in Lancashire, UK, is the UK’s top rated scream park, offering guests the ultimate Halloween experience combining live scareactors, special effects and heart-pumping thrills, across seven all-new scare attractions and experiences.
Meet Billy Redneck, the famed Clown Hunter, in sLAUGHTER, as he presents a killer act to welcome you to the park. Check into High Hopes Hospital, as The Sickness returns for its second year, will you discover the elusive antidote, or will the sickness claim you? Take a tour through a macabre collection of possessed treasures, as The Ghostkeeper unlocks the doors of Manormortis to invite you inside ‘the house that should never have been built’. Fear is the new faith inside The Chapel of Restless Souls, where a labyrinthine lair of snaking hallways leads to an ancient Charnel House in Prey. Step into Brimstone & Black’s funeral parlour in Body Snatchers, but beware, as the resurrection men have a sinister undertaking, but the horrors upstairs are nothing compared to the people in the cellar. Venture blindly into the house of the infamous Black Widow where a web of darkness entangles all who cross the threshold.
The world renowned psycho-sexual scare entertainment experience returns after a 2 year hiatus, with a unique one-on-one assault on the senses. Officially dubbed ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’, Psychomanteum Resurrection admits guests aged 18+ only. Additional charge applies.
Hang out with our friendly grave digger Dougie, pirouette with Cordelia Frighteyn, our straight jacket clad Ballerina. Crack a joke with Mr Bang Bang and take a tipple with Bertha Bury the lecherous Landlady. Recover in our licensed Dougie’s Den bar, visit the Mystic Fortune Teller and take home a sick souvenir framed photograph or key-ring so you will never forget your visit.
Scare Kingdom Scream Park is located at Mrs Dowson’s Farm Park, the home of Mrs. Dowson’s Ice Cream, minutes from the M6 junction 31 on the A59 near Preston and Blackburn in Lancashire, UK.
Open on selected nights between October 6th and November 5th 2017 inclusive.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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