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 Alien War 2012: Public Reviews
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Location: Glasgow (The Arches)
Description: Get ready to step back into the middle of the action and run for your life once more as The Arches announces, by exceptional public demand, the spectacular 20th Anniversary return of heart-stopping, bone chilling, virtual terror experience Alien War, which opens on Friday 14th September 2012. The original version of this seminal scare attraction, which had 100,000 people scrambling for their lives,

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- 15th Jan, 2013
Went with my nephew as a christmas pressie from the wife.It scared the hell out of him and scared the C%*p out of the wee boy next to us.You could definately smell the fear from him (he let go big time)it was fantastic well done to the Space Marine for keeping us on our toes well done will go again....

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- 20th Nov, 2012
agreed with gary, as we also traveled a fair distance for this pure let down! boo hisss!

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- 08th Nov, 2012
utter turdy! Travelled from wales to see it for halloween, rubbish, very disappointed!

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- 30th Sep, 2012
Thought london was better but still has us running from the THING!

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- 20th Sep, 2012
well worth a visit, good fun !

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- 19th Sep, 2012
did not scare me - terrified me!

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- 19th Sep, 2012
Room for improvement didnt like th elong wait to get in

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- 17th Sep, 2012

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- 17th Sep, 2012
thought London was better tbh still scared me i guess

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- 16th Sep, 2012
joined my friends for this yeserday if i knew what was going to happen inside i wouldnt have stepped foot through that door was a great show

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Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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