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 Xtreme Fright Nights: 13 nights of fright 2012: Public Reviews
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Location: Leicestershire

Xtreme Fright Nights: 13 Nights of Fright

Twinlakes Park have teamed up with Scream Park Productions and Tulleys Farm to bring you Xtreme Fright Nights: 13 Nights of Fright. One of the most highly anticipated scare attractions of 2012. Featuring unique Horror Maze’s, Live Actors, and Street Performers.

Building on the success of previous years; Xtreme Fright Nights steps up the screams to bring you 5 new live horror mazes, 3 interactive scare experiences live music and a bar. Tickets available online at www.xtremefrightnights.com.

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- 07th Nov, 2012
Amazing time there!

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- 29th Oct, 2012
went sunday 28th oct 4 of us went ,was brilliant pie factory dead scary,daughter cried with frite ,mrs hated it ,punishment i thought scariest a bag on your head all the way round pitch black brilliant ,the women said defo no ,us blokes said yes very shitty,all in all great nite ,great price ,we did,nt say a word on the way home in car to derby ,greatstuff

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- 28th Oct, 2012
Quite a drive but well worth it. The street actors and props really set the scene. The scariest for us was the DUNGEONS. We also really enjoyed PUNISHMENT - probably would have done it had I known what it was.....The staging of the Pie Factory was excellent.

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- 23rd Oct, 2012
got to be the best Halloween attraction we have ever attended, absolutely awesome atmosphere with 5 fantastic mazes that scared the hell out of all of us especially the 'Pie factory' that was horrificly out of this world. fab night at a great price.

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- 23rd Oct, 2012
Bloody hell!! what can i say?? what a fantastic all round night so much fun i went with 8 others and all of us had the time of our lives and it totally scared the socks off us all...BLOWN AWAY!! will definatley be back for more next year once this years nightmares have settled...

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- 14th Oct, 2012
Great night at the opening night. Was scared to death at some points!

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- 29th Sep, 2012
Top stuff, the pie factory looks minging lol

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- 25th Sep, 2012
AMAZING!! Visited the park last year and it was sooo scary!! The actors were absolutely brilliant, will definitely be back this year.

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- 25th Sep, 2012
Really scary! And really realistic! Was a fun night too with so much to do. Can't wait for this year :)

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- 24th Sep, 2012
Absolutely amazing ..... great event for teenagers . The amount of time and effort that's been clearly put into these xtream fright nights is outstanding .I do recommend this for teenagers and adults

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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