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 Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2012: Public Reviews
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Location: Surrey

This Fright Nights you have been sentenced to serve time in the
THORPE PARK Penitentiary, a dark and twisted prison facility where society's most dangerous and deranged criminals have been locked away never to be seen again. But beware, when the prison gates slam shut, who knows what's lurking in the shadows as the inmates run riot and take control.

Will serving time in THORPE PARK Penitentiary mean your life is put on hold or lost forever?

5 scary attractions for 2012

Excperiment 10

The Curse


And NEW for 2012 "The Passing"

prepare to be tried, tested and sentenced to death in The Passing, a uniquely interactive, intensely horrifying experience that will terrify even the bravest of thrill-seekers to their core.

Using cutting edge techniques never seen before at THORPE PARK, you will experience the suffocating and claustrophobic terror of having your head confined and your sight removed by a hessian body bag as you face the unknown horrors of the after-life. Are you brave enough to book your time to die?

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- 13th Nov, 2012
waiting times too long but worth the wait

Visit attraction again: No
- 07th Nov, 2012
<p>The asylum</p> <p>yet another solid attraction that changes very little over the years yet very much manages to thrill and scare. with a few additions to the maze including a solitary confinement room and new hide holes the overall confusion of the layout, openess of the chain link fencing and continues onslaught of actors from below, above and all sides this maze is very confusing and really does have something to scare everyone. the classic chainsaw is still at the end which although a stapled scare tool still gets people running out the exit. like terror of the towers this attraction has# not changed for a long time however with this being so simple it promises to scare and delivers what it promises.</p> <p>The curse</p> The only attraction in a white tent it looks a little odd from the outside with very well themed doors but with a very white tent it dosent look the best from the outside but very soon changes once you go through the front door. scares start happening as soon as your briefing is over and you head into the dark and twisting corridors of the decks of the cursed ship. this is again a very old attraction and is very much showing its age creaking and cracking alot and some of the scenes are looking dated but since this is what the theme is purposed to be it works well with the attraction. with a few changes to some of the scenes and the lighting this could again become a terrifying attraction and be one of the best on the park.</p> <p>Experiment 10</p> <p>this attraction had not changed much since its opening year in 2011. still the same on your own feeling with walking through the corridors in both dark, crawling and very strobe lit places you unfortunately dont get very disorientated through the atraction as you just walk in a straight line. a few of the lights and props have been moved but some of it to places which didnt work very well. the final scene has been replaced by a video where you are batched into a room and an actor apears to walk of screen and appear though a door but this was unfortunately very poorly choreographed as the room each time was over filled and the "doctor" opened the door for the maniac so the scene didnt have the chaos it really needed.</p> <p>The passing</p> <p>the new maze in thorpe park was a very mixed bag of scares and whys. starting at the first corridor you get your last rights from a very nasty charricter and then into another room to get your hood. the hood didnt add much for me as you you could see right through it and of the couple of times i went through once it had sound like it was surposed to and other times it didnt. after getting buried the tunnels you crawled though were very dissociating and very dark which were very good. from here you got the usual very dark with actors shouting things at you with the exception that you had a hood over your head. exiting into a white room where you get a death certificate and into another room i think you are supposed to feel like its finished but unfortunately to me and the others i talked to it didnt really work and just confused everyone before heading through a very very short black area with one actor. overall it has the basics of being a good attraction but the hoods needed to be totally blind, it needed to be a little longer and the ending really needed to be changed however it is a good addition to the park and hopefully with develop in the future.</p>

Visit attraction again: No


Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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