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Location: Rotherham
Description: This is not a normal scare attraction, this is not going to be a laugh with your friends, and this is not going to be pleasant!

Project: Fear, an Xtreme theatre act that will plunge you into a world of real life scenarios where you will have the decision of how far you want to go. You will be alone, you will be alone and, did we mention, you will be alone!

How far is too far? Where does the line between reality and fantasy blur? How far can YOU be pushed? Will you think this is just a bit of fun while others find it depraved and sick? These questions will be answered inside the most intense dark attraction you will ever have visited.

4.8/5.0 Our rating

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- 29th Jul, 2012
On the 22nd June 2012 Terror Attractions visited Sheffield to see Project:Fear by GNG Entertainment Group. The production is very different from the modern day scare attraction, there are no zombies, no dark lights, no animatronics, in fact barely any classic conventions are followed. This is a completely different type of scare, based on real people and dangerous situations. Signing a disclaimer and given a code word to get out puts the nerves on edge before you even start! Away from the comfort of a group and going at it alone for 20 minutes is another thing altogether. Nervously shuffling down a dark corridor I was immediately taken hostage with a bag over my head and pushed onto a chair. The scene was a simulation of torture and interrogation, forced to answer questions while your head is pulled back and water is poured down your throat and over your face. It was a struggle to breathe and created such immediate panic that the code word was very nearly used already. The scene focuses on effecting you physically, as you fully surrender your vision and hearing to become unexpectedly defenseless. Once able to break free from all restraints I was apprehended by a woman and child fit for the Jeremy Kyle show. She involves you with physical contact, and disturbingly personal questions which leave you uncomfortably suppressing giggles. The acting is shocking and real containing a lot of interaction. The actors lose themselves in the disturbing characters able to adapt to any hysterical comment you might make. One of the most disturbing scenes is of a young girl who shows you her drawings and tells you how her family have abused her, with graphic content. The sudden change in the complexity of the character had you fluctuating through emotions of sympathy, apprehension and alarm. Throughout the twenty minute ordeal you are bound, grabbed and hooked into real life abuse, thrown into tense and distressing scenes such as kidnapp, torture, domestic violence, drugs, and sexual abuse. The experience was more unnerving than petrifying, although being pushed through rooms blindfolded and generally mishandled throughout you do feel quite violated. It is definitely a 21st Century scare attraction, with gritty and rude scenes reflecting society, a bit like being in EastEnders! Project:Fear is perverse and explicit, with a talented cast and risky plot with some very clever twists. GNG continue to think out of the box with innovative ideas and Terror Attractions look forward to their next production.

Visit attraction again: No


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Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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