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Location: Newark Castle, Newark

GNG Entertainment Present "Ravenwood Manor"

Since its construction Ravenwood Manor has been plagued with stories of ghosts, the supernatural, satanic cults and paranormal experiences.

Back in 2011 the property was purchased by the Dominions Corporation. The purpose of the purchase was to set up a paranormal hub where scientists could study the alleged phenomena first hand, document any evidence they collect and try to capture the impossible on camera. Various bits of footage have been released which purport to show ghostly activity but nothing of any real significance has been forthcoming.

Now, this Easter, it's your turn to experience the otherworldly phenomena for yourself. The Dominions Corporation have decided to open up the property for just 4 days so you can take a tour of the building. You can speak to the scientists who work there, take part in paranormal experiments and walk the deserted corridors to see if anything can or will happen.

The Dominions Corporation needs you! We require brave families and thrill seeking teens to take a tour of the property. The aim, to see if ghosts exist and if they will interact with you.

Ravenwood Manor is a walkthrough, horror themed scare attraction experience which is designed to create panic and fear. Using multiple live actors, detailed sets, special effects, lighting, sounds and psychological fear Ravenwood Manor will take you to the brink of madness and into a whole different level of horror. Will you make it through in one piece, what will you meet inside and what unknown creatures will you bump into along the way? We dare you to find out

Thursday the 28th of March to Sunday the 31st of March, 6pm to 10pm nightly, 5 per person, Newark Castle, Newark.

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- 01st Apr, 2013
i hope this is back next year? some moments i will never forget and a great overall production.

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- 01st Apr, 2013
loved the location and the idea, the actors did a great job and for 5 was incredibly good value for money

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- 30th Mar, 2013
Not as scary as I hoped but the best paranormal night I have ever been to! The castle was a great location

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


......[Read more]

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