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 Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2013: Public Reviews
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Location: *This Attraction Was TOP RATED 2013*
Description: Scare Kingdom Scream Park - Full on FEAR opens for the 2013 scare season in October 2013, and is open on selected dates until early November 2013. For exact opening dates, times and to register for discounted admission visit www.scarekingdom.com

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- 11th Nov, 2013
The house you enter alone is amazing twisted and great to be the focus of their efforts BUT the lack of staff can be seen in between scares. The corn maze didn't have any element of surprise and the actors seemed more about acting then scaring. Good costumes and sets but lacks aggression.

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- 25th Oct, 2013
Loved it! Corn maze was fun, alien / sci-fi one looked cool but was scary and really different to other shows like this. The house one looked good but not very scary. The clown one made me jump and physcomanteum was twisted and scary! Deffo recommend!

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- 25th Oct, 2013
I've been every year since Hex in the Harvest! I love Scare Kingdom, this year was very different to usual. Psychomanteum - well, the terms basically say not to give spoilers so I won't but OMG that is sooo messed up! The cornfield is shorter than usual but still quite good. The alien spaceship attraction is messed up I went from scared to a amazed and back again every minute! Manormortis was an amazing set but far removed from the likes of Blood Bath, think I would have liked to have seen a scarier show but the building and sets were amazing.

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- 24th Oct, 2013
I've visited 3 years in a row and really enjoyed it this year. A little disspoointed there were no 'blood and guts' as such - miss Blood Bath but the new attractions are good. Psychomanteum is soo twisted it's ace! I loved the one with the lazers and robots - I've never been in a maze with a theme like that before and was a little apprehensive but it was actually quite scary and really made me jump in places. Can't wait until next year!!!

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- 21st Oct, 2013

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- 20th Oct, 2013
First time at scare kingdom and loved it. Would definitely visit again next year!

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- 20th Oct, 2013
Amazing time at Scare Kingdom. Incredible amount of work to make such a good attraction

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- 20th Oct, 2013
Incredible night last night. Had an amazing time, customer service was the best I've seen from any place ive been. Manormortis and Psycho-manteum were so good. Very scary and will recommend to anybody.

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- 19th Oct, 2013
Absolutely amazing a must for everyone. Only problem us queuing to get in but once you in Damn!!. All the staff costumes and sets fantastic first time I've been but defo not the last

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- 18th Oct, 2013
Amazing first time. Psychomanteum was just amazing! Really enjoyed it and Manormortis is just gorgeous.

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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