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Location: Blackpool
Description: Pasaje Del Terror is an interactive walk-through horror attraction with branches in thirty different cities in Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Malaga, Salou, Santander, etc. as well as some of the major cities of the world, such as Rome, Lisbon, Blackpool, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Cancun, San Salvador and Tokyo. The attraction is loosely based on the now-defunct attraction Terror on Church Street, a haunted attraction in Orlando, Florida where guests were invited to tour a horror maze filled with famous horror film icons. The longest running horror show in the UK!

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- 13th Sep, 2015
Unless you are right at the front, you will be bored...and extremely short winded for the price

Visit attraction again: No
- 20th Jul, 2015
This was my second visit, having thoroughly enjoyed it the first time a couple of years ago. This time, the group I went around with was slightly larger than before, around 10 of us in total and unlike the last time, I found myself bringing up the rear, being at the back of the group. This gave me a new perspective of the Pasaje as I got to experience the full effect of being stalked!The downside of this is that I could hear a lot of the jumps coming as I was quite some way back from them. But, having said that, this also allowed me to soak up a bit more of the atmosphere and the sets, which are still of a high quality and well detailed! Speaking of the sets, there's a new one. It's the bathroom from the Saw franchise and again, was well detailed. I'm also sure that there was a clowns bedroom before, but that looks to have been turned into a tent with a small speech part before we continue on again. But again, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience again. From the helpful staff to being stalked by everyone to being screamed at by the Exorcist girl, I loved the whole thing. My only concern is that being so far back, I kind of missed some of the upcoming stuff and again, at 7, it's a little on the pricey side for the 10 minutes or so that it takes to get through, but it's an enjoyable 10 minutes and it's still a "must do" for any visit to Blackpool.

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- 29th Oct, 2014
Terrible. Actors missing from the sets.The guys outside looked good in the make up but inside it was pretty rubbish. Just a waste of money.

Visit attraction again: No
- 10th Aug, 2014
we went here on my hen do. 9 of us.. we didnt know what to expect and I have to say we were all TERRIFIED.. We all came out sweating with scratches and bruises all up our arms from us all grabbing each other when screaming and trying to get away. The exorcist was the worst bit when she was told I was the hen she lept off the bed at me and was on the floor behind me.. I could feel her breath on my ankles, it was horrible!! Definitely worth doing.

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 18th Jun, 2014
so... wow. i remember this show just outside blackpool pleasure beach when it first opened. me and a few friends were in blackpool from blackburn all those years ago. we saw all the hype of this being opened and decided to try it. why not we thought! it was the most terrifying thing wed ever experienced! i remember the exorcist and the chainsaw massacre at the end and when you run out into the bar! it was completley amazing. after moving back to the uk just last year and visiting blackpool for the first time in 11 years, in april 2014 i was pleased and exited to see the update of the entrance to the passage del terror and was happy to see it was still there after all these years. me and the wife had to do it we thought. we bought our ticket and joined the other two people waiting. when we finished our trip through the passage i was very disapointed to see that nothing had changed apart from michael myers apearing in a corridoor. the mad man with the spaid... still there... he actually fell over his own foot wich was quite amusing... the exorcist didnt even move of the bed and the clown i could not even hear through a cheap tacky mask.... the show was nowhere near as intense as it once was and to see that it is now 7 per person for entry is quite shocking. this is probably the reason there was an empty que and was the next day as we walked by. Once Amazing, now dated and cheap... Blackpool for you i suppose. i dont see those actors going any further than the basement of a run down once popular theme park. but good luck!

Visit attraction again: No
- 21st May, 2014
Would definitely recommend this for anyone to walk through one of the most best but terrifying experiences of my life! ! I have never been so scared in my life!! Amazing

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 11th May, 2014
Amazing go every year would deffinatley recommend it

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 06th Apr, 2014
Terrible, we got in at a discounted price as there was 10 of us. Rushed through it and very dark.The attraction is the same as it was many years ago. No improvements. No decent dialog. No value for money.

Visit attraction again: No
- 23rd Oct, 2013
Abit alright but kinda smelly. The price to get in is abit funny. Overall I would say it's a Craig David out of ten

Visit attraction again: Yes
- 22nd Oct, 2013
I'd heard about this place about a year or so ago and it's been on my "to do" list ever since. I wasn't disappointed! The only other attraction that I've been to like this is The Tombs in London which were quite disappointing as that was just a very long walk in semi dark sets with the odd actor here and there. Pasaje Del Terror is a different beast all together! The outside looks good and helps set the scene well, with a good video warning that helps build tension and the Policeman character set the scene well once we had gone inside and down a swirling staircase. This is the first taste of the quality of the sets inside. It's clear from the start that alot of time, love and money has gone into this place as everything is very highly detailed and very atmospheric. You also go around in a small group which also helps ramp up the tension as you're never too far away from an actor jumping out or interacting with the sets around them. Also, unlike The Tombs, you're not forced to hold onto the person infront, although you are told it's a "good thing to do for saftey" I chose not to, but the guy behind me insisted on holding my bag, which was actually quite funny as it kept him close so I could hear his reactions on the way around. He almost went into meltdown when he saw the clown section for example lol! Along the way, the sets change and you meet a good variation in characters, some of which were instantly recognisable and I thought a fun addition. Nothing outstays it's welcome either, with a fresh set every minute or so (sometimes quicker). My only point is that at 7, it's a bit expensive for the 10 minutes or so that you get. But, it's a very high quality 10 minutes or so and I'd highly recomend the Pasaje to anyone who likes this sort of thing. I'd deffo go again, but it looses one point for the cost. 5/5 for quality though!

Visit attraction again: Yes

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