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Location: Birmingham

This October, face your fears as you enter what is sure to be one of the most intense experiences.
The Morgue LIVE!
An appointment has been made for you to identify a body at the local morgue but what seems like an ordinary visit, soon turns in to your worst nightmare!
Will you make it out the other side? Can you help Dr. Sarah-Louise Williams escape?

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- 07th Oct, 2013
Very unimpressed, Plot did not make any sense and sound was distorted and could not understend what the video was saying, Clowns in a morgue??not worth 7.50 after queing for a long time, shame

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- 07th Oct, 2013
I go to a lot of scare attractions and I was very excited about Birmingham having its own, one it was about time and two it's right on my doorstep. I get there and the outside looks good, we get inside and there was no build up, the story on the tv I couldn't hear as it was far too noisey. The attraction was the least scariest place I have ever visited the story line was extremely poor and I wanted to be in a morgue but I didn't feel like I was in one there was no bodies to identify and if I am honest it was like being at a horror circus which I couldn't under stand, it was all very confusing, I hope they listen to there customers and if they don't I don't see a 2nd year being any better I hope this company does well, it seriously needs to look at there ideas and completely change them sorry guys but it's awful. But I do believe everything deserves a second chance if your around next year I shall attend hopefully it will be a lot better

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- 07th Oct, 2013
Passing by and popped in for a good old scare. Totally random and good fun

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- 06th Oct, 2013
Not too impressed to be fair.

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- 05th Oct, 2013
Dissapointing, could of been a lot better, nothing made sense

Visit attraction again: No
- 05th Oct, 2013
Great for a scary night out worth a look but beware to be freaked out hahahahahahah!!!!

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Worth the visit just for Sub Species. Holy cow I nearly crapped my pants ......[Read more]


Brilliant night. the best scare park weve been to! ......[Read more]


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