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 Screamfest Burton 2013: Public Reviews
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Location: Burton upon Trent

It's back and it's bigger and better than before. With more nights and more scare attractions, we hope that Screamfest 2013 will have you quaking in your boots. Running for 11 nights from 19 October to 2 November, this year there are 4 scare attractions; Nocturnal, Soul Seekers, Slasher and Field of Screams. Go to www.halloweenadventurefarm.co.uk for more info and ticets

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- 02nd Nov, 2013
Wow, totally great experience. The effort and thought put behind these attractions was second to none - queue line theming - including sound effects, narrative as an intro to the attraction and dressed actors as well as sinister smells and incredibly detailed sets inside the attractions all added to the over-all experience. Great job done by all, clearly alot of passion and blood (!), sweat and tears went into turning a family theme attraction into a truly enjoyable screamfest experience! Cant wait for next years event!

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- 01st Nov, 2013
I really enjoyed this attraction - and thought the Scare Actors did a great job for saying they are Burton College students. The whole thing lasted for nearly 2 hours and queues weren't longer than 15-20 mins. However, I have been on a scarier attractions in the past (which I am comparing it to) so I have to give it 2 stars. My favourite part was the Field Of Screams... corn fields in the dark are just scary by themselves!

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- 31st Oct, 2013
was the 1st time i'd been to this attraction and had a great time, really enjoyed new attractions soul seekers and nocturnal. slasher was very good and field of screams was fun.

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- 30th Oct, 2013
I travel around to a lot of the scare attractions in the country. I heard great things about this place. So I went with high expectations. Unfortunately, if you visit a lot of attractions, this one will leave you feel a bit disappointed. They are still somewhat new, so hoping they can maybe improve in time.

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- 30th Oct, 2013
I have waited a long time to see this attraction and I was very disappointed. Scaring was medioca and some actors didn't seem interested in scaring people .costumes were average and I have been more scared at other attractions

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- 29th Oct, 2013
The sets are absolutely brilliant and it is clear a great deal of work has gone into the preparation and presentation. The actors were also extremely good. Overall, you could only describe it as a spooktacular evening!! Thoroughly recommended!

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- 27th Oct, 2013
The sets built are decent, but the acting leaves much to be desired. For the money spent, there are better attractions in the area.

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- 26th Oct, 2013
Me and my friends decided to go to many of the scare attractions in the UK this month, this I found very disappointing. I found it jumpy at times but I wouldn't recommend it to people who aren't scared easily.

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- 22nd Oct, 2013
A really entertaining and extremely scary evening! Each attraction was totally different to one another and with clever twists and white knuckle moments - I had an absolute scream and alot of fun!

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- 22nd Oct, 2013
Fantastic night. The two new attractions were fantastic both completly different from each other. Slasher was as sinister as last year. Will certainly visit again this year. Well done to everyone at the Adventure Farm.

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