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Location: Norfolk - NR9 5JW

5 Frightening Attractions: - SCREAMING WOODS - TOXIC - MAZE OF MUTANTS - INSANITORIUM - THE DARK. Dare you risk another visit?

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As a previous visitor of Scare Kingdom and Manormortis all its previous formats, I was intrigued as to how they were going to change it. WOW! From a gorgeous mansion to a candlelit space. Though the l......[Read more]


More more more please :D Amazing!!! Absolutely love this attraction. Think you know Manormortis? Think again. Darkness, vampires win win win!!!......[Read more]


Haaaa amazing! Loved the (shall we say) little surprise at the beginning. Wasn't expecting that and totally enjoyed the experience. I thought vampires would be cheesey but this totally works and v. ......[Read more]

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