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Location: Norfolk - NR9 5JW

5 Frightening Attractions: - SCREAMING WOODS - TOXIC - MAZE OF MUTANTS - INSANITORIUM - THE DARK. Dare you risk another visit?

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Wow! Not what I expected at all, I was walking along the promenade and was given a flyer to try out Terror 13? Turned up with my discounted flyer and was greeted by a witch at the door. In I went and ......[Read more]


Omg the most frightening ,scariest , tour I have ever been on, lost the plot completely, it was all so real , I was terrified......[Read more]


Absolutely amazing night! I loved every second of it even though I may have peed my pants a little! My favourite haunt was twisted shock and roll or the tunnel. Also the actors walking around made you......[Read more]

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