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Terrorattactions.co.uk are 'Bringing Screams To The Screen' by launching our new and most interactive review feature 'Terror TV'. You can now watch our reviews of many attractions across the UK, via our short informative and quirky videos. Terror Tv gives you actual footage of terror attractions without major spoilers, as well as interviews, behind the scenes, an overall review of an attraction and more. Terror Tv allows you to join us on our terrifying journey through many of the Uk's scariest attractions, all you have to do is sit back and press play.
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The Royal Asylum

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Zombie Make up 2.8 hours later

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The Black Chasm Review

Haunted : Manormortis

2.8 Hours Interview with writer

Manormortis- behind the scenes

Zombie School Training

Horror Camp LIVE! Review 2013

2.8 Hours Later : Asylum (Liverpool)
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